Why is rage quitting in FGs even a problem in 2013?


I remember rage quitting was an issue in CvS2 online for Xbox many years ago.

Solution for rage quitting seems obvious to me.

  1. Developer designs game so that opponent disconnecting is a forfeit.
  2. Forfeits award a win to the opponent and a loss to the forfeiter.
  3. No disconnect tally. It’s treated the same as a forfeit.

Seriously FG devs, join the present.


This discussion has been had a million times already, but just in case you’ve missed all of them; What if the disconnect was not intentional? What if it was just a network error, user or client side, that caused it? A power failure? You have no absolutely sure way to tell if a disconnect as intentional, and in those cases where it wasn’t would it be fair to punish the one who disconnected? Because that’s what a system like that does, it punishes the alleged perpetrator in any case just as long as there was a disconnect, it could might as well be you and would that feel fair for you to get punished for something you didn’t do on purpose? Also who the fuck really gives a shit, it’s just online, send the dude who ragequitted a taunting message, have a laugh, add him to your shitlist and move on, hopefully there are many more people playing who will not ragequit everytime they’re going to lose. It doesn’t matter.


that, and people who disconnect intentionally usually don’t care about their loss count. one loss is small payment for getting on someone’s nerves.


Any disconnect counts as a loss. A system can easily be designed to see who disconnected first. People with bad connections which causes disconnects are ruining other people’s games and should be punished accordingly.

League of Legend, the #1 game in the world, uses this method, as well as time bans for too many disconnects.


It’s fair. The odds of legitimate events happening should be low, so taking a loss now and then wouldn’t be bad.

If your connection disconnect frequently, that’s your problem.


uh… yes.

knowingly playing in an unstable connection? want to play during a thunderstorm? then be prepared to deal with the probable consequences whether you intended to drop or not. i think most non-idiots would be willing to bear the brunt of that condition in order for the overall system to be fairer for everyone as a whole.


Why is this even a topic?

They quit, you laugh, you move on to the next match.


better question - who cares about online w/l records in 2013?¿?


Records are fun to review, especially if the effort is put in to make it more detailed. For instance, you can start with character specific w/l ratio. Then, can break it down further into personalized data such as matchups w/l ratio, max damage combo ever, fastest win, streaks, etc.

A lot of this is implemented in MOBAs such as LoL ranked match data.

I can see it paying off for FGs implementing a similar system, esp. if they are F2P.


The better question is, why are people getting annoyed at ragequits. Getting someone to ragequit is a moral victory, it means that you’re doing something right.


I’m just trying to get some games in after work, playing low tier if they play low tier, playing high tier if they play high tier. About half my matches quit on me. Rage quitting just breeds more rage quitting and it just builds a shittier online experience. These were casual/friendly matches too. Online just gets to be stupid if you don’t build some sort of anti-crazy filter in. :\


The point of this thread is that engineering a system to detect and penalize rage quitting, as well as lag switching, in a FG is simple from design and engineering standpoint.

The solution is to involve third parties to help with the policing. This can be done using very little bandwidth.

Given that, I’m amazed that after 10+ years Capcom still haven’t manged to do it right. Not just Capcom. Look at Injustice, the best selling fighting game recently.

Early on for Injustice, rage quitting in a ranked match gave both participants a lost. Eventually a patch was released to fix this issue. I was flabbergasted that the dev. for Injustice even went this route, as well as how long it took them to patch it.


Capcom’s ragequit Hell in UMVC3 is pretty cool in my opinion. However, you can’t really punish people who simply have terrible internet. They want to play too, they probably want decent to awesome records and they shouldn’t be punished because some choose to ragequit.

Capcom should also fix Draw games, I should not be losing player points if I have a draw game, that is just stupid. (Sorry, that just infuriated me when it finally happened lol.)


You ever make someone ragequit in an arcade in real life? I have.

If you’ve ever had that experience then you know doing it online, just like in real life, is DELICIOUS. I don’t see why you would be upset.

Also, online records are whatever. =/ Don’t care how many PP/BP/W/L I have. And if you still want to be clerical about it, just count ragequits as wins.


Actually, people trying to play online with terrible internet should be punished. The logic is that they are ruining other people’s games by doing so knowingly. As an example, League of legends has a system in place to auto ban accounts for rage quitting too many times in a short amount of time. A warning is given, then 1 day ban, then 3 day, and so on.

As for dealing with lag switcher, easy way is for developers to determine a max acceptable ping for the match, after which the game is deemed unplayable online. The player with consistent high ping above the limit over a set number of second will be treated as disconnecting.

Cloud third party enforcement of limits.


Why PUNISH people with a bad connection? Some people just don’t realize it – some people can’t help it. You shouldn’t penalize them for not having super internet.

What would be BETTER is if the game checked your ping and if it wasn’t low enough, it’d just stop you from playing. It’s a better way to address the problem than PUNISHING people for something that may be out of their control.


I’m not upset about rage quitters.

Why bother having online records if it’s not reliable? Might as well remove it from the game. If you want records, you have to implement a system to make it resistant to cheating.


It’s a terrible idea which didn’t work in practice. Rage quitters don’t feel any deterrence to stop while others players still get matched with known rage quitters.

There’s no need to segregate the population or shame rage quitters.

Just place rage quitters to their correct ranking based on win/lose.

Problem will sort itself out very quickly.


Sorry for not being a care bear, but there need to be some kind of minimum connection quality standards for online play.

People playing with bad internet are ruining other people’s games. By knowingly playing on a bad connection, the player assume the risks involved in doing so. A disconnect should be treated as failure to continue game and automatic forfeit of game.

I was thinking about lag switching in the middle of matches, so there should be checks every couple seconds during an ongoing match for connection quality.

The system should be designed so that if a player try to start a match with a bad connection, it will give a warning to the player that they are over the limit.


Its online, get over it.