Why is Sagat a hard matchup for Honda?



can anyone pls elaborate?


i guess bcoz honda can’t jump many high tiger shots,due to d hitbox and also bcoz like dhalsim sagat too is a zoning charachter albeit with high and low projectiles with different speeds so normal moves like standing hk and medium punch will work. and not to mention when they go uppercut happy. so even when u trade and they have an ultra it hurts and d round & d confidence both r taken from u :p,
it is at this point people play into sagat’s trap of being impatient and jumping forward and eating his zoning tools, in my opinion corner pressure in sf series can make any match winnable, so u just have to get him into d corner not to mention he walks like a sack of bricks :smiley: and sucks at close range ,so make him believe that he can’t hang with u up close


Does anyone know about this? why jump when you can crouch the high shots and headbutt the low shots lol!


Erm … because sagat can zone him out? And yes, it’s known that you can headbutt low shots


Don’t really find the matchup impossible. Really it comes down to (imo) staying outside the range where you can’t react to his fireballs, but staying in the range where you can punish low shots on reaction. If the Sagat player then gets impatient or starts going in then you can smack him up right good because your tools up close are better than his. Just try to respect the DP and you’ll do fine.

Neat trick: try lp.headbutt when you think he’s gonna st.rh. Top invuln really eats it alive at the right range.

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I feel like this match is definitely one that needs discussion because its actually a lot better than some people make it out to be (my sig) but I’m not sure it needs its own thread. This match is not impossible for honda, he does decently in it, but he still most certainly loses. Sagat just owns honda too hard at the full screen/midscreen game. He has fireballs, great aa’s, an uppercut, and tiger knees. He can keep honda out really well and honda doesn’t really have great options to get in. His jump-ins are good but he will get aa for all jumps unless timed right and he can walk forward but that isn’t exactly easy against sagat. Up close you honda smacks sagat, hard, but thats really about all he has.


I actually find this matchup 5-5 persnoally because I find it easy to get in on him compared to dhalsim and chun li. If he can score a blocked jump in on you with meter you can be in trouble as I have had a player FADC a tigger uppercut 3 times and stupid me I went for a tech throw on the third one and he went into ultra and i died.