Why is Sean Banned?

Why is it that Sean is banned in some competition ? He’s too good ??

Banned in what? I’ve never heard of such a thing…wow. I know not too many ppl use him, but never being banned…

Sean’s not banned. He’s just incredibly unpopular.

you got those red dots for that question?

…damn, thats harsh…

Now I understand. I always thought it was because Sean was a shitty character.

It’s cuz of his unblockable; IT HAS TO BE!

way too much sarcasm here for me, lolz :lol:

They fear the POWA of the unblockable o.O

Besides, Sean’s better than Hugo…dunno why Hugo rates higher than Sean.

Maybe if they gave Sean a fireball, he would at least not be a low tier? Maybe a mid? Nah…i’m giving too much props…but i like the hope.

Modern day apartheid.

Pink Sean is banned, not normal Sean. Pink Sean is top tier

um are you the ramza I fought yesterday in GGPO and suddently it didnt work?

I thought Pink Dudley was Top Tier?


What’s your name on 2df?

well we played yesterday night on GGPO my name is bodler on ggpo and 2df, I used sean and usual u were white ken, unless if its some other guy using same name

There’s a another Ramza in Mexico or somewhere that plays online. That guy plays Ken

I’m the Urien player Ramza126, and no, we didn’t play

ma bad

Man…imagine if Pink had Ken’s shoryuken and could do kara shoryuken but he’s weaker but faster…

He would be SOOO MUCH BETTER…in his own way but with better shoryuken and more chances for better counter attacks.

Imagine that…

eh, i’d rather not. Seeing how I’ve been playing 3s for a little while, I don’t want to see Sean changed at all…he’s good the way he is.