Why is Seth killing the hits after you win feature in all capcom games? LULZ

Why is Seth killing the hits after you win feature in all capcom games?? LULZ

Just kidding… im not sure if it is him doing this,BUT in the orginal TVC you could unlock your character after you win for a little extra combo action,but in TVC:UAS this is gone completely.

I THINK,unless you hit something else besides start to do it now

I love that feature,why must you hate me capcom haha

I hate that they pulled that. Spamming Joe’s taunt after winning was one of the simple pleasures I enjoyed the most.

Prolly took it out so you can’t taunt people online.

Probably because dumbass scrubs complained about it.:lame:

It sucks. This has been a staple since the original X-Men Children of the Atom! And now it’s gone! :frowning:

They probably figured newcomers - especially in online play - would consider it mean and impolite to continue hitting them after you’ve already won the round.

Prevention of teabagging.

Whenever I KO Ryu, I teabag him.

Sure, I get hit by his partner sometimes, but it’s worth it.




fuck yes, i used to spam megacrash after i won now i cant do it. wtf seth

You could always use the “ultra buffering dance” for your teabagging :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never understood why some people teabag with female characters though, I mean what is there to teabag with?
Smacking the body around is better anyway imo.

Fuck them, they shouldn’t prevent my enjoyment of attacking my KOed opponent until the screen fades >=(

yeah I thought something was wrong when I kept mashing start to get my corpse combo going

You’re probably right. Freeze frame of Polymar 6B towards downed enemy was also memorable to me.

I missed that too.

It was SOO cool to mess with the mechanics and see how certain things work ans stuff.

(Yeah I rambled… a bit… a lot)

Capcom is trolling us.

I dunno about that, I’ve hit + on the wiimote and still nothing.