Why is square gate the alpha and omega?

I’m seriously curious. I’ve heard so many people say that round and octagonal gates are crutches/training wheels for a square gate. Is there a reason besides the fact that it’s the Japanese arcade standard?

It’s coloration, not causation.

I’m slowly beginning to hate the square gate in my EX to the point where I’ve ordered an octagonal and round gate, as well as taking the step drill bit to the current square to try and round it out (it did not work).

I’m so sick of not being able to do supers and ultras it’s not even funny.

Use whatever suits you, don’t get caught up in the personal preferences of other people.

I plan to. At the same time I respect meaningful reasons for difficult approaches. For example, it’s taking me a lot longer to learn Japanese because I’m not doing things phonetically (any of your ‘learn japanese’ books or programs that teach you “AH-REE-GA-TO” instead of ???) because experts say in the long run it stunts your understanding of the language).

So if there’s a good reason, I’m interested. If it’s just cooler… fuck that. I’ve dropped 800 bp in the past 2 weeks.

yeah dude, f that, do what feels right. i prefer the octogate myself…definitely not octo-mom though uggggh…

To me square gates seem to help a lot with feeling your diagonals. It’s good for DP motions and certain charge characters. Zangief would probably play a lot easier with an octagon though. It really is personal preference and what you’re playing. Just look at MVC2… American-style sticks seem to be what most prefer. The nicest thing about Japanese sticks is that you can change the spring and gate to get exactly the feeling you prefer.

I fought with a square gate for a long time. I gave up and ordered an octagon gate from Lizardlick this week. I just prefer characters that use circular motions.

Hahaha, random…lol

Something simple like Balrog’s headbutt -> Ultra is impossible for me on Octagonal. I need the easy diagonals of a square gate to keep my back charge for Ultra.

For moves like Guiles Super/Ultra, square gates are a godsend for me. I can do them but less reliably with my round cornerless happ.

Also for other games like Virtua Fighter 4, Akira isn’t playable for me without the square gate, lots of moves that go diagonal forward down.

On slagcoin’s site there was an explanation on how restrictors change the engagement of switches. It is a good read and seems to be correct.


But if you play better on an octagon, you should get one.

Square gates make chargers a breeze to play IMO. For circular type characters you have to learn to not rely on the gate, instead of following the gate try to just do the circle motion(you shouldn’t even hit the corners).

Hmmm, I ordered an octo-gate, but I will try this technique next time I play. I was under the impression that you had to hit the corner of the gate, maybe thats my screw up.

Yeah it’s a problem a lot of the people that use my sticks have. I see them moving only up/down/left/right. They never actually swing the stick in a quarter circle to do a hadoken, they always go down, right, up. Just lightly swing in the qc motion without relying on the gate at all. It super easy to do them to the left, just roll your fingers over the stick like your petting a cat or something.

Be one with the stick and don’t allow gates to restrict you.

Play with the stick a bit somewhere quiet. You can hear when the microswitch clicks/activates and it’s before you actually hit the gate at all.

These pictures should answer your question.

If you are using a square gate, definitely learn your throw of your stick. On my squares I started trying to hit full diagonals, and it took me a good 3 weeks or so to figure out that I could simply move to the diagonal until I felt the click of the switches before moving to my next input. If you ride a square gate you will snag up quarter circles and such at the corner. The quiet room suggestion is a perfect way to learn, you will learn to identify when you are engaged by sound, and then muscle memory will take over and you will be able to just feel when you are in the right spot.

I can’t play with a octogate after being on the square so long, and even with mostly qc characters I can barely play on the circle gate. Stick with what you want to learn and you will find it second nature after practice.

For games like soul calibur, alot of inputs are df, df or db, db… it’s nice to have the square gate to hit those diagonals consistently.

For SF tho, an octo gate “seems” to be the way to go for me, but I won’t have a solid opinion until after I’ve tried it (got one on order)

Same here. Still have trouble with the double QcF’s.


I grew up with playing in American arcades, so at first, the square gate took a little getting used to. I prefer them now since I can feel the diagonals. It makes it much easier to play charge characters.

I main Zangief in SFIV and have no problems doing supers or ultras.

thats only assuming you use the same size actuator and a certain size gate. if it is made correctly, circular gate has just as even spacing as a square gate. in fact yu can even make the diagonals bigger than the cardinal directions if you wish.

I conquer. :coffee: