Why is srk supporting non-sf games?


First of all, I have nothing against vf, tekken, ggxx, ssbm or any other fighting game. I don’t, in general, think they’re lame, masher-friendly, childish (ssbm) or in any other way neccessarily inferior or less “serious” than capcom games.

The point of this thread is: srk started out as the central website of the street fighter community. Similarly, the evo/b-series tournaments began as the largest, most signifigant annual street fighter tournies. Finally, APEX was created as the first national street fighter ranking system.

Why is it that srk’s staff has deemed it neccessarily to (beginning with last year’s evo and apex changes) start supporting virtually every other fighting game out there? Tekken, vf, ssbm, etc. each have their own, pre-existing communities (just like sf has srk.) I don’t see tekken zaibatsu, guard impact, etc. adding sf games to any of their respective tournies. As Apoc wrote (see my sig), srk has “whored” itself out to the advantage of every community except the one it is based around.

I have a hard time seeing why srk’s staff would make the decision to support these other, independent (and, more or less, thriving) communities at (arguably) the expense of it’s own. What happened to “your street fighter competitive edge?” It would essentially be the same logic if the nfl, mlb, and nhl decided to combine the super bowl, word series, and stanley cup into one big “mega-championship.” Sure, in some ways it might be kinda cool – but it would mostly be a big, over-blown, unfocused, diluted mess.

To use another example, a boxing league becoming a boxing/karate/taekwondo/wrestling/etc. mixed martial arts league is not neccessarily an improvement – it is just a change, one that fundamentally alters the nature of the organization. I know that’s not a perfect comparison, but y’all know what I’m getting at --> Evolution hasn’t “evolved” – it has become something all-together different.

"down for the cause"

P.S. I still visit srk everyday and it’s still my homepage. This isn’t meant as a personal attack on anyone, I’m not an “ungrateful scrub” and I know srk and the people behind it have done an immeasurable service to the sf community. I just wanted to voice my concern for the direction things are heading (a concern I think many others share.)


good point


It is evolution. I think you used the wrong example with the boxing thing. Think of it more as…before, only black people could compete in boxing, and now they allow all races.

The games being allowed to play during EVO are games of the exact same genre. Street fighter is one aspect of the scene, yes…but I think more than personally being Capcom fans(which is what this site is for, people who generally enjoy capcom fighters more), this site is the largest in the Fighting Game genre available. Not only is it a source for Capcom fans, but it’s pretty much a staging point for the fighting game genre in general. I don’t see why so many are so hateful about it(not the original poster since it’s pretty obvious that he just has an opinion about it), considering we’re all playing the same type of game with different engines. I dunno what SRK started as, but I’m not sure I understand why they feel that SRK is whoring themselves out by expanding the community. I mean, do you guys want it to dwindle to nothing but a select group of people over time? It seems like people here want special treatment and to feel all important about playing capcom games like they’re the ONLY valid fighting game makers out there. The other games out there are very valid, and I don’t see why SRK shouldn’t allow them. I like fighting games in general, not just capcom games, so yeah…I don’t really understand your points with it. It makes the event more exciting to me when more games are available. I don’t see why anyone should feel angry, I mean…it’s not like we’re ruining the experience for other people if we’re into different fighting games. Everyone still gets as much playtime really…


What’s happening now is inevitable. I predict that, one day, all major fighting game competition will take place under the banner of a single professional league, one that will likely be console…


tru3tn01: you said I have a hard time seeing why srk’s staff would make the decision to support these other, independent (and, more or less, thriving) communities at (arguably) the expense of it’s own.

There’s real value in the fighting game community coming together. It makes for a bigger event. It gives people more games to play and watch. Even if you’re not interested in watching Tekken or Soul Calibur, you can go next door and play some money matches if you want to.

Maybe I’m speaking for myself, but enjoy watching games being played at a high level. I never would have believed Smash Brothers was anything more than a button masher until I saw it being played. The prospect of a huge tournament where the best in a range of games is not only on display, but available for me to play against is exciting. I don’t play 3S or Soul Calibur 2, but I love watching people them at a high level, because watching people push a game to its limits is very entertaining.

Let me ask this: What are you afraid of? No hate at all intended with the question, but it honestly seems that players are afraid that by adding these other games, that SF will be somehow diminished, which seems ludicrous to me. The value of SF is what we, the players of the game, put on it.

When I hear arguments like this, it sounds like people are saying “This is our event, and how dare they bring in these non-SF playing communists!” I’d hope that our coummunity wasn’t so incestuous that we wouldn’t be receptive to people competitng in other games.


Evolution has become more than a tournament, it is now an event. For anyone interested in fighting gaming in general, you can point them to evolution, and say THIS is the place to be. It has now become an icon of how far the american fighting game community has come, there are plenty of tournaments like MWC and ECC for mostly SF games, but if you want something that is all of the best of the best coming together, we now have it. Its significance has far outreached what it once was, and it will likely be a cornerstone for a good deal of the future of the american scene.


There are lots of good points brought up in this thread.

I’ll just add that pooling resources with the other fighting game communities helps us put on a better event for all the games. Compare just the SF tournaments between evo2k2 and 2k3 – big improvement, because we had a lot more resources available. So here’s the distinction I would make:

SRK - Street Fighter community site
EVO - General fighting game championship. The olympics of fighting games.


Why are you hiding from AIM, you bastard? Did you go into the Buddy Protection Program or something?

Masaka: My sentiments exactly. I enjoy watching anything played at highest levels (even old-school single-player games, as with the “superplay” videos you sometimes see floating around), and sometimes it convinces me to take up a game, as has happened with 3s and VF. I fail to see anything wrong with the fighting game community being united…the only thing I can think of is that the 3D scene tends to be far more console-friendly than the 2D scene (hell, Soul Calibur is almost EXCLUSIVELY console these days), and this could cause a rift because a lot of people here think arcade is more “real” and less “geeky” than console (never mind that a lot of these same people spend ALL FUCKING DAY on IRC)…




My question is why didnt the canons learn from last year? Tekken Tag, and moreso Tekken 4 were HORRIBLE finals and really had no place at the tournament. Boring, dull, and lazy. Scrub Calibur 2 was only slightly better but still subpar to everything else.


I think the key point here is that it’s not about srk supporting non-sf games, it’s about non-sf fighting game communities joining up and supporting a tourney orginated by srk, making it much more than just about SF.

As far as ttt and t4 goes, to each his own, but ttt and t4 finals for are lunch time beyotch!



Money. Duh.



lol who cares if the finals suck

more games = more ppl = more money = better tourney next time around

some of those ppl prolly wouldn’t have come to evo if “their” game wasn’t added so therefore u add as much as you can that draws in a big crowd


Dont compare GGXX to any 3d game becuase GGXX is by far the most non masher-freindly fighting game out there(the most skilled in my opinion). It might not be capcom but it deserves to be at Evo becuase its a game just as good as MvC2, CvS2, and 3s if not better.

Besides that I agree with you on the other games.


so by that retarded logic, we should get rid of mvc2, because almost 3/4 of the room walked out when justin was playing ricky.


Its like retard amateur hour in here, oh so there is no mashing in capcom games? get real, there is more mashing that goes on in mvc2, 3s than in all 3d games combined, even at high level play there is alot of mashing going on.

VF is one of the technical games ive ever played, if you are not extremely precise, you will lose everytime.


haha that shit was the greatest part of the weekend!

And that was just the final set of the finals. Your analogy is obviously false when you compare the entire set of Sunday MvC2 versus what people slept through of Tekken Tag and Tekken 4.


Did you even read the thread? Evo is not the “let’s bend over and kiss Psycho Gorath’s ass tournament.” You expect me to drop the most popular 3D fighter, just because you and your 5 Marvel buddies don’t find it entertaining?

Read the thread, and it will be obvious why Evo is better for everyone with the inclusion of the Tekkens and other games.


You are a nub. A shortsighted one at that. Soul Calibur 2 finals were dope. Nightmare breaking down Asta was fine to watch. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it sucks and you should be getting rid of it. Plenty of people enjoyed it. Stop being greedy.



So you are sitting here with a straight face and telling me that a majority of the spectators last year found enjoyment in the all-jin T4 semis/finals ?