Why is ST Akuma banned from tourneys?


What moves/patterns let him dominate, and why?


But player controllable Akuma is toned down, right? Only one mid-air fireball, and maybe less damage on some moves, like the red fireball. And like the old characters, he lacks a super.
And beating ST CPU Akuma isn’t that hard for me. With anyone except Dhalsim, you jump in, throw, and repeat. With Dhalsim, you jump straight up, fierce him as you near the ground, and repeat. If you mess up the pattern or he surprises you, it takes a little work to set up the pattern again, but not too much. So I don’t have a great variety of experience against him.


Akuma’s the same, CPU or human. The dual air fireballs and his ridiculous speed are the only things he needs to win.


Keep doing repeated red FBs when opponent is in corner…they WON’T do anything.


1 air fb, 2 air fb… it dont matter, the geometry on that air fireball is disgusting. that alone makes him insanely hard to fight. how you gonna get inside with a fb covering more ground and at a slower pace while the opponent who threw it, is free to move around? that alone makes him totally broken beyond all hell


OK, so his air fireball is a cinchy way to play keep-away, and if you get your opponent in the corner, the red fireball can often keep them there. Makes some sense. Thanks, guys.


Fastest Dizzy recovery, easy to dizzy opponents with, air fireball, repeated red fireball in corner.


that’s a good question
IMO, i don’t think they should ban him in tournaments, either that or soft ban like O.Sagat and Vega and all, just like in Japan to make things interesting
i can see why he’d be cheap in a tourney, but people do fuck up so anything can happen
only case i wouldn’t really approve of him in a tourney is if there’s like 30 Akumas that enter or something

my 2 cents


and trust me there would be. :slight_smile:


If they were all serious about winning there’d be 100% Akuma. And it wouldn’t be interesting. Even if only half of the entrants were to use Akuma the’d you’d see half of the first matches people doing nothing but air fireball. Then the rest of the matches would be nothing but Akumna.

What on earth is a soft ban?


Mondus fight palace owned however slicer was broken.


soft ban…hmmm
i don’t really think the translation was quite accurate of coursing in japan, but i think it’s like, if you pick like O.Sagat, then people look down upon you in a bad way, even though it’s technically allowed


YOU CAN"T DIZZY THE BASTARD!!! Also the red fireball in the corner is just stupid along with air fireball which dominates everything… he can combo off hurricane kick… YOU CAN’T DIZZY THE BASTARD!!!



Lol… too funny.