Why is Street Fighter IV the only Street Fighter where crossups are possible in the corner?


Lately, I was replaying Street Fighter EX2 on my PSP and I noticed that it’s not possible to do jumping crossups in the corner. At the beginning, I was surprised but than I have tried to do jumping crossups in the corner in II, 3, Alpha and I just remarked it’s not possible in this games!

Can somebody tell me why is it the only game in the Street Fighter franchise where it’s possible?!?

Note : Since SFxT is based on SFIV, it’s also possible to crossup in the corners in it. It’s the only other Street Fighter where it’s possible.


You can do corner crossups in 3rd Strike, but it’s character specific.


It’s because you can jump over people in the corner, which does not work in most fg’s at all. What’s annoying is the characters with setups to cross you up in the corner, but then land back in front and keep you in the corner. Means you have to switch your block direction AND you’re still pinned in.


The OP is asking about the why, not the how.


Ummmm, it’s because you can jump over characters in the corner. You cannot do that in other SF games, or most 2d fighters I can think of, hence why you generally cannot cross a character up in the corner. Unless you’re asking why that is possible, in which case you would have to go ask the developers why they did that.


That would be a question for the game developer. Probably to add more offensive variety against your opponent on wake-up, even in the corner.


I’d love to hear the answer, but my money is on the theory that it was an early unintentional side effect of working with the 3D engine. They really busted their balls trying to get something Street Fighter-like to work with that engine and I could completely see it being one of those things where they just said, “fuck it. Design around it.”


even with a 3d engine you still have your traditionial framedata and 2-dimensional hitboxes. and the game logic still have to be implemented like in a 2d game. so unless the devs at capcom are crazy chimps randomly tapping into their keyboards this gotta be intentional.


ken can do it in ST too lol


I’ve never seen Ken do a cross-up in ST. Unless you’re talking about his weird pass-through using the crazy kicks, during a cross-down or on wake-up. That’s kind of different though.


ken can do a cross up tatsu on the corner but you need to do the tatsu backwards, ie on the right corner jump and do qcf+k to cross up with tatsu, ryu can do that too but it doesnt hit IIRC.


Ryu can do a reverse tatsu cross-up, but I’ve never tried it in the corner. I don’t think it works, but I’ll test it out.

In either case, it’s not really a good idea to put your back against the corner in ST. Positioning is way too important in that game, unless you REALLY want to go for uppercut/knee mix-ups.


Chun had a really tricky setup in SFII:CE where if she did j.hp and you tried to block it you ended up walking into the corner.

2m56 in this vid (mute the sound):

Also check out her “unblockable” (just really ambiguous) at 4m16s .


She still has that ambiguous cross-up neckbreaker, although it’s not as powerful as it was in CE.

Also I’m surprised there are people who DON’T pick Bison in CE.


The art asset side of the game gel’ing with the 2D gameplay layer has had its flaky moments and knowing how stressed the overall project was pre-Vanilla launch, I just wouldn’t be surprised if it is like I said. Combos, for example, were originally an unintentional side effect of the late 80’s games that Capcom devs wound up designing with/around. But who knows for sure that lurks here, yah know?

…and if I had a nickle for every time someone outside of a game’s development team claimed something was an easy fix, when it actually isn’t (or was more time efficient to work around)…I’d just have a lot of nickles is what I am saying.


Dhalsim is considered to be stronger than Dictator in China, although Dictator is probably easier to win with. Sim can be a tough match for Bison cos his floaty jump makes it easy for Sim to AA, plus his ambiguous x-up drills messes up Bison’s charge, and then he has to contend with tick throw/yoga flame frame traps. Once Bison gets knocked down in the corner it’s GGPO. Meaty flame into throw OS headbutt.


The Sim player in these matches (Dahuzi) is apparently the strongest CE Dhalsim in China.

Claw is also considered high tier in China but I don’t know how he fares against Dictator.

Edit: Found a match. Vega basically abuses Bison’s lack of strong reversal and tries to keep him in blockstun.


I found it pretty weird myself since no other sf game before had such a feature. I agreed with what Sosage said. Its one of those things that get introduced by accident due to game engine properties.