Why is T.Hawk so FREE to Blanka?!?!?!

whenever a blanka plays vs hawk (VERY rarely so nearly no blanka knows the MU) he has this mindset:
“HAWK so FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! me just ball him to death and big stupid guy cant do shit! gonna get banana very soon”

at least my gameplan is just spamming balls and thats basicly it!
so it is ABSOLUTELY key to any hawk player to STOP jimmy from balling! i think it doesnt even matter if you DP him or just jab him out of it, cuz you totally gonna srew up his gameplan…and than he starts making mistakes!

I personally think the matchup got much better for Hawk since 2012. Being able to punish EX upball is a godsend, it took away one of his very powerful options and makes him much easier to deal with on wakeup. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s still stupid and a very bad matchup but after running into A LOT of Blankas on ranked and having much, much more success than my previous endeavors, I can safely say my opinion on Hawk’s worst matchup has changed.