Why is the FGC so different from other gaming communities?


To me its the effect of a small school, everyone knows everyone so being a douche means that everyone knows about it instantly.

The competition is a huge thing, but it cant be all of it. There is even strange social acceptance and yet political incorrectness in the FGC that is not seen in others.

I’m new to fighters, so you all should share your insights. Why did the FGC evolve so different compared to FPS/RTS/MMO/Etc communities?


How hard is it to realize that GD is not FGD


Cause this isnt about a specific fighting game.
“Discuss anything you like. But if you’re talking about fighting games, please take it to Fighting Game Discussion!” - GD
"Discuss fighting games, both by Capcom and by other publishers like SNK and Namco." - FGD (Sounds game related).

I’m not sure where an overall question about the community ought to go.


It goes in FGD, not GD.

You won’t get the right audience here.


The answer is arcades, plain and simple.


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That special amount of stupid is what keeps the Fgc great.


Wrong forum for this thread, you’re asking about the FGC not GD.

Also the FGC has not been a “small school” community ever since vanilla SF4 launched, that’s the day the community grew dramatically and changed just as much for better or worse depending on how you look at it. The FGC community “evolved” differently than other gaming communities like FPS/RTS/MMO simply because we are much much smaller having had maybe 1% as many players as those scenes so we had to do everything ourselves. The FGC grew out of the social arcade scene of SF2 in the 90’s so the advent of online gaming, streams, sponsorships and all the other modern bells and whistles came after the scene was already developed.

The problems within the FGC currently are largely due to a difference of opinion between those who want to keep the scene just as it was in the pre SF4 days and those who welcome the changes that have inched the FGC closer to other modern gaming scenes.

EDIT: The other genres you listed are all team based, while fighting games are 1V1 so I’m sure that hyper competitive dog eat dog inherent nature of the genre lends itself to having a very different atmosphere than team based gaming scenes.


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True that. the 1v1 thing is a rarity in all genres. I remember when FFA was how it worked in FPS games, not anymore. Perhaps the fact that you have to improve or you will get bodied faster than in a Starcraft 2 match makes it even less approachable.

  1. Are you implying the FGC is different because we point out douches faster then other communities? Thats simply not true. If anything we dont make big deals about small shit as much as other communities do, and those that do are usually new invaders since 2009 trying to integrate us into 4chan/other gaming community culture.

  2. Social acceptance of political incorrectness is not unique to the FGC, unless you are blind to the world. Saying the FGC is uniquely accepting in politically incorrect stuff is basically saying comedy doesnt exist. No one makes topics on how comedy is strangely accepting of politically incorrect topics, that are the norm there, but when it comes to anything else it seems straaaaange. There is a bit more detailed reply to that question that can be said, mostly speculation, but you must word your questions better to get that response out of people.

  3. This is GD, dont tell any of us to share anything. You will likely just get trolled, but i gave you a chance because i was bored. The FGC evolved differently for obvious reasons stated above, and obvious reasons that anyone with a brain can conclude to. How much did the mvc3 sell, and how much did the last call of duty sell? How much did ttt2 sell, and how much did the last tomb raider sell? How much did sf4 sell all together, and how much did the last WoW game sell? How much did street fighter alpha sell, and how much did an rpg or fps of the time sell? Your answers are common sense, mixed with a little detail about the culture, which was predominately minorities, and has been small for over a decade, while other communities flourished.

This stupid ass question was asked in the FGD not to long ago, and it comes up multiple times a year by people i guess trying to write their thesis on us, or get material for their shitty website.

Ask better questions, and you will get better answers. GD doesnt mind intellectual discourse at all, but if you are only 2 months old, and create a troll like thread, no one will take you serious.

Quite frankly, i have no idea what the fuck RTS AND MMO even mean, but i know what kind of game an mmo is. That is shared by many in the fgc imo, and is a part of the uniqueness of our culture, where many of the “modern” gamers acronyms still fall short for us. The new generation maybe not as much, but those of us who have been around a while, yeah, we bout a different life.




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From talking to casual fighting game players (people who can barely do special moves, doesnt know the term footsies, doesnt know who daigo is), theres already a HUGE gap in between people who practice these games and people who just play through arcade mode. I dont think most people who play video games are naturally competitive or want to be competitive, and if they do they go to fps games. Fighting games are on a different level from fps games because the stuff in these games you have to learn isnt as intuitive as pointing a gun and shooting someone before they shoot you. The type of things we have to do to get good at these games makes it so only certain personality types will get into it.


I think that maybe it, people that like memorizing things. I used to play a lot of Starcraft, it was the same way, a lot of situational strategy memorization and of course reflexes. I was watching Starcraft BW/2 tournaments before getting into fighters. The idea of 1v1 competition on an FPS is very intriguing, I hope that FFA on Unreal 4 brings it back.

  1. Anyone of any age can join us. We have people who range from high schoolers (or even younger) to others in their 40s. Most players in the COD and LoL community are mostly people in their early 20s. Meaning you have a huge variety of people to meet and play with.

  2. You don’t need a team or sponsor to join tournaments. I saw a documentary about competitive players who played PC games, they mention that there’s a influx of young players who want to play, but need a team or sponsor just to join these tournaments and to continue to compete. For us, that isn’t the case, so long as you can make the trip and have the cash to join any tournament you like.

  3. We like to be helpful in getting new people into FGs, the more the merrier. I sure the others communities do the same, but I don’t know how helpful they are.

  4. We have a shit of ton of people to play with. I’m not sure if other gaming communities host casuals (I’m guessing they do) but the fact of the matter is if you a have a small community somewhere, they are hosting casuals for your benefit and the community.


UltraDavid already wrote a lengthy article on the subject. Read that.


It’s not really that different. You’ve got your trolls, your idiots and your honest people. You can classify 80% of your average forum with just that.

My guess is that genres tend to attract more of one kind than the other. I don’t know about most people here, but I come from a suburban neighborhood and we were usually holed up in one friend or another friend’s house all playing the same thing. I wouldn’t know a damn thing about most fighting games if I didn’t have a friend who had this and that.

Then again I was dirt poor up till now, wouldn’t know what internet gamers are like, couldn’t play online.


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arcades back then were for adults. A kid today can play gta, gow, manhunt etc at home and not feel a thing.

But no sane kid back then would dare to enter arcades alone to play bubble bobble.

Thats the fgc for you


Depended on the arcade. Some were certainly catered to adults, but many were touted as family fun centers and would often have various carnival games, food, in addition to arcade games. As a kid you could enter alone depending on the location. Rich suburbs, you’d be fine. If going to the inner city, then you’d probably want to go with an adult.


it depended really at which country you lived.
Eg when I lived in Germany during the late-80s-early 90s, I could enter arcades only in funfare parks. No minor could enter any arcade in any city, they were very strict with the law. They were regarded like gambling machines. Thankfully I played a lot of arcade ports on Amiga computers back then. When we traveled to Sweden same thing. I entered only because I was with my dad and had to go to WC.
Southern Europe was more lax with arcades, eg in tourist towns during summer arcades were all over the place. Still as a teen in the city I dared only be there alone till 8 at evening. After that it was risky (eg one arcade had drugs and also a brothel with one prostitute).

Those kind of notorious arcades though faded in the mid-90s