Why is the left side so hard?

I’ve been using my stick for, about 3 years now. And I STILL struggle to do a shoryuken motion on the left side.

Is it a mental block? A genetic problem that will never allow me to do it? They say there’s no wrong way to hold your stick, did I FIND a wrong way? Should I cross my arms and do it with my right hand? (the motion I mean, on the ARCADE stick I mean) Is it common for people to have that problem? Do I need professional help?

Seriously, I need help. I could just pickup a controller and do it without a hitch, but i’m STUBBORN.

Anyone who played games against other people knows how to play on the left or right side. Things happen, people get thrown/crossed up. Everybody else can handle it. Deal with it. I hope you don’t play against other people with some scrub rule like “Okay, hold up. Lemme jump back over you. I don’t know how to do the same moves on this side.” That will only hold you back.

The only thing I can say about this is to practice.

I just bought my stick about 2 weeks ago but I was able to remedy any technical problems with just good old practice drills, ie: 50 right QCFs/QCBs and 50 SRKs

He just asked whenever it was normal in the beginning or not,
no reason to get so mad.

1: This isn’t “in the beginning”. He’s been playing for 3 or more years. No reason he shouldn’t have adjusted in under 6 months.

2: Who’s mad? I’m just incredulous that he needs THIS long to get the hang of basic controls.

Wow, thanks. I never thought of dealing with it, that’s great advice. Now that you told me that, I suddently have no problems at all.

What was that about getting thrown and crossed up? I’m just wondering because it has no revelance whatsoever to what I was talking about.

Otherwise, great advice. BTW, when you do a left SRK motion, it means that you’re on the right, facing left. But you probably knew that.

Thanks again, you’re the best. “goes to deal with it with great success”

Well…you can always pay somebody to tutor/teach you. I believe they had somebody offering to do that on craigslist.com. I didn’t think anyone needed such a thing, but, well, you probably would benefit from it.

People naturally favor one side over the other. Go practice with the bad side. Read the execution sticky for advice.

I hear what you’re saying. I have friends that have the same problem. I find it funny when the try to get back to “the other side”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem as you. Just hop into training mode and just keep doing the srk motion on the left side. Keep doing it and keep doing it and soon, it’ll be second nature. I don’t really understand though, I had this problem too, but say when playing Fei Long and doing his up-flame kick thing, I had no problem doing it on 2p side, and that is the same motion as a srk on 1p side, but when trying to do a srk on 1p side I mess up like crazy. It must be a mental thing I guess…