Why is the music so bad in new Capcom games?

MvC3 seems like its like SSF4 in that it has a lot of tracks (one for each character, at least)…anyone else think most of the tracks are just terrible?

I was looking at this preview that got posted on the front page [http://www.ausgamers.com/features/read/3003028]. The author notes:

“Typically of this type of game, the music is in-your-face J-Pop-esque, and cheesy as all hell, but this has become a staple of the fighting game genre, and essentially just par for the course.”

Is Capcom actually trying to give the music a “jpop” style? Can’t they just try to emulate the catchy MIDI-esque rock from Capcom games from the 80s/90s? Almost everyone agrees SFII had a bitchin’ soundtrack. I think games like X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes etc. all had really great OSTs as well.

I think you owe the style of music from SF2 partially to less sophisticated technology in video games back then. That one SF4 song that everyone seemed to hate was from a really popular band in Japan.

Don’t know what I’m getting at, but the SF4 music is very forgettable, with too many rehashed themes. Although I’ve never thought it really sounded like JPop. I can’t really think of any popular fighting game with a soundtrack that had noticeable JPop influences.

It’s a mixture of a poor choice of “instruments” and bad composition.

I agree that most of the tracks in MvC3 and SSF4 are bad, but I don’t necessarily agree that past tracks are by and large better. I think as a whole they’re just as bad but nostalgia catches most people. You could also say the limited ability of the hardware gave composers further inspiration. Maybe listeners impose their imaginations on the sounds to substitute midi instruments with real ones making it sound better.

The biggest problem is that most tracks in fighting games don’t fit either the tone and/or the pacing of the game. In a sense they just kind of throw shit at the wall and see if it sticks, MvC2 music being an extreme example of this. Though there is stage/character music, SFEX series for example, that is technically incredible but still doesn’t meet the tone/pacing requirement either.

Satoshi Ise, Setsuo Yamamoto, and Yuko Takehara

None of those people I mentioned are making music for Capcom fighting games anymore.

I think the tracks are solid even for rehashes but yea the music for SFIV lacks innovation with so many rehashes.

Goes beyond music actually.

I think some of the stages have good music, nothing great though.

im more concerned with how uninspired the stages are, they just get so boring to look at, you can at least turn the music off, which ive done several times.

the menu themes are god awful

its not

Yeah the new music sucks a big fat dick. There was so much originality with capcom in the mid to late 90s which got lost when fighting games made their “triumphant return.” Marvel seems so-so even but the tunes that stick out are just the remixed versions of the old themes anyway. SO WHAT?

These songs sound amazing rearranged for actual instruments.

sf4 music is anything but jpop bro

All the females tunes in mvc3 are cheesy as fuck
Reminds me of bayonetta or some shit, horrible

Indestructible totally changed my life.

I agree that the music is very forgettable, and bad. MvC3 has like 4 themes I like (trish,amaretsu,chris,x-23) even those are forgettable. You’re no longer gonna get overall classics like Marvel vs Street Fighter, MVC2, 3rd strike, etc. Capcom used to be the King of OST’s. I don’t know what happened its really sad.

I’ve loving all of the stuff coming out of MvC3 minus X-23’s theme, so, I dunno what everyone here is smoking.

I’ll give ya’ll SFIV, though.

EDIT: Also, Thor’s theme in MvC3 is the best theme I’ve ever heard in a fighting game. If you disagree, well, I’m sorry you have such bad taste. :stuck_out_tongue:


dunno, the only ost of their fighting games that its really good is sf2, all the rest are just as forgetable as the new osts
so its not like they were the ost kings to begin with

for a moment i though that you were talking about the abandoned shrine stage

CVS2, 3s and Darkstalkers ?

To me the new music is hit or miss. I liked a couple of the remixed themes from SSFIV like Sakura, Guy, Gen and Cody. MvC3 has a couple of good tracks but I dislike most of them. She-Hulk’s theme has to me the most uninspired character theme I’ve heard in years.

Music of the older games ain’t much better. I thought the OSTs for Alpha 3, MvC1, MvC2 and CvS2 were complete ass.

Capcom ain’t the only ones. OSTs of SNK games have gone to shit since the original SNK went bankrupt. I’ll be hard press to remember any music track post KoF 2000.



they all are forgetable, to be honest i didnt like any of the osts of these 3 games, the only song that i like from the 3 games is the one of god rugal and thats it