Why is the Ryu forum so out of date?

I finally decided to pick up Ryu for a bit, just for the hell of it. I come to this forum and I see stickied posts from 2008 and 2009. The combo thread refers to Focus it as Saving Attack and the Matchup Thread doesn’t say anything about the new characters in Super. For a character as popular as Ryu, this seems odd to me. What’s up with that?

Well Ryu is popular online not so much on SRK

I’m going to have to agree with you there Johnny, Ryu section just seems completely out of shape and messy to look at. My main concern are the stickies really since that’s usually what people come in here for anyways imo.

yeah this forum suck big time. I’d delete every thread and start from scratch…but i don’t run shit here so,this is what you get with uneducated/unorganized people.

when i have time i’ll write my own manual(when the patch drops) for Ryu then share with real Ryu players, its just a waste of time otherwise.

Damn guys, I’m trying. I need some help, I want to replace every sticky thread, and just keep three. I am about to start posting daily match-up discussions and see how that goes. We need a new combo thread. In Fact, whatever anybody thinks we need, just go ahead and work on it and get some people to help you. Mr Wizard modded me up and I am hardly executing because it is hard to work on this with only a few helping. I had the same thought as you guys. If everybody just posted more and got more involved instead of just looking at the forums, then maybe we can pull something together.


this is why i’m so glad Air has a blog now. hopefully he keeps up the great work

I’ll see what i can do. I’ll try to look for good info, save it and then create new condensed threads.

Oh cool, I didn’t know an overhaul was in the works. Probably good timing with arcade coming out. If you get it updated with all that stuff it should be solid for some time. Good luck with it!

Forum is a mess and most of the long-termers in here are complete dicks/think they own the place.

I’ve got a collection of combo threads listed. I could make up a combo list (only practical) from his BnBs to advanced. I hate coming in here only to find weird combos listed and not his BnBs. I had a thread on here a while ago with all of them listed.

That would be great! Yeah, I checked the combo thread and was like WTF?! :looney:

I think it might be worth pointing people to the saikyo forum when they have overly simple questions. That would probably cut down on much of the mess.

I agree with Theli on this one. We don’t have to be uttter a-holes about it too, but if Luken or anyone else with moderator abilities finds one-question threads, they should probably be locked/deleted after the person either gets their answer or is directed somewhere where they CAN get their answer.

Luken, the Dudely forum has “Daily Discussions” for each match-up just like you’re suggesting; their match-up thread links to each character’s thread rather than have a huge breakdown hidden by spoilers. It’s a really cool idea and it allows specific character discussion to continue without cluttering up one huge thread.

I like the idea of one thread per match-up a lot. That sounds much better than the single thread with spoilers thing. However, I think the 1st post of each of those threads should still try to sum up the best advice from all the replies in that thread to get a solid overview. But overall, that would make it much easier to learn more about the finer points of the match.

As far as re-directing dumb questions to Saikyo, I dunno. In the Akuma forum they have a single stickied thread called “FAQ - Quick Question/Quick Answer - Ask here before making a new thread”. I really liked that format, because when I started messing around with Akuma I was a)Able to go in there and ask simple questions b)Read through it and learn other things that people run into while learning him. However, part of the reason I think that thread works so well is that the Akuma forum is pretty active and good players discuss things in it along with the newbs that pop in. I haven’t been checking the Ryu forum long enough to tell if the same would happen here. But in general, I think having any Ryu info in the Ryu forum is preferable to random threads in Saikyo. I know I’ll never find those random threads over there.

so who will be cleaning this up?

I will start doing what you guys suggested right now.

Sweet, I look forward to the new and improved Ryu forum :tup:

Being cleaned up now.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could create a list of combos.

Great idea, I shall go about it this way then. I will go to their forums and see exactly how they do it.

I will go to the Akuma thread and check it out. I will probably end up doing the same thing if it looks good.

Ok then, I’ll start tommorow night after my Exam. I’ll have a rough copy by the end of the night. After this Friday I’ll get on top of making a finalized one since I still got 2 more Exams this week. If anyone wants to help provide stun/damage after I start up it’d help finish it faster with my Exams still in progress. PM me for any details you want and if you want details.