Why is the Seimitsu LS-56 good with a circular gate and the Sanwa not?

what is it about the mechanism of the Seimitsu LS-56 that makes it apparently the best octo/circular gate stick around? (better than any sanwa model with a round gate)?

smaller octagon = smaller throw.

LS56 use lever on micro, lever get wider diagonals, and LS56 (and LS33/55) has tight arrangement for micro on hub. tight arrangement get better angles on lever (parallel and identical), actuator on LS33 and LS55 is tube - not cone (how JLF and other stick) this helps on wider range of diagonals.
engage to throw is 1:2 (LS56/33/55)
1:2 is minimum for circular stick other jap stick has something how 3:5 but this stick is designed for square gate (square need only 3:5 - 2:3) and circle is only option and this option work bad
many american circle stick with wider arrangement for micro on hub has 2:5 or 1:3

lol, kowal knows everything as usual. Thanks.