Why is the stock stick undesirable for Mad Catz SE Stick?

Hey there,

I have just joined these boards when I finally got my copy of SF4 and Mad Catz SE Fightstick. I read all over the forums people modding out their sticks/buttons etc. and they seem to notice a considerable improvement over stock.

I have been using my SE with stock stick for about 2-3 days now and it performs pretty good. Of course not knowing how a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick would compare to the stock, I am not in a position to compare them.

Although, by reading the posts I am convinced that it is a better move to just replace the stock stick. However, I am wondering if anyone that have experience playing with stock stick then with the mods would share what they felt was(were) the improvement(s) overall? I’d appreciate your input.


the stock still will fail on you eventually, unless you glue down the washer. the microswitches in the stick can also fail, like it did with mine (diagonals stopped registering). its just a low quality stick.

in terms of gameplay, I found it sufficient though.

mine squeaks a lot. it drives me nuts!

my buttons didn’t work from time to time after a few short hours of play so i wasn’t really happy about that and quickly replaced them. i still would like to replace the joystick handle preferably sometime soon.

hmm… the stock stick isn’t as responsive. The feel wasn’t as “fluid” or nice as my jlf. The buttons just started sticking. The sanwa buttons are definitely more sensitive than the stocks. That’s my .02 cents

i felt the same way as you. used my stock stick for bout 2 weeks. i was lucky enough to glue the washer down w.o pcb board getting damaged.

initially my stock buttons on HP and HK (if you layout button traditional) were not registering. instead of calling madcats i just opened the badboy up and switched it with far right ones. THEN the buttons started sticking, my lows and mediums, so i just ordered some sanwa buttons. they’re sensitive as hell, but well worth it and smooth.

i also just picked up the jlf -8yt stick since i was ordering. the switches are like 100x better.

verdict: necessary to modd the stick in order to enjoy the game.

also if you need help on guides to open it and what parts are compatible with SE, feel free to ask, i found some great youtube vids.

Pretty much as everybody here says.

Also for me the Sanwa stick feels much sturdier than the stock stick - it’s difficult to explain but I just never got that confidence that the stock stick would last me years and years like my old PS1 Namco stick has done.

If you get round to changing the parts you will then realise just how flimsy the standard parts are - I was pretty careful in removing the buttons but two of them still broke when I took them out - a friend I know who did the same said four of his buttons broke during removal.

Good things are that it is very easy to modify, still looks pretty good and once you’ve modded it, it’s a great stick!

Simple answer: because it’s not a Sanwa/Seimitsu.

Nod, from I read that washer floats around loose and can jam it so it gets stuck in a direction. All while slowly rubbing and grinding into the pcb, eventually breaking traces or so. Well planned and thought out design to ensure you have to buy a new product soon.

if you like it, you like it.

if you don’t, you don’t.

Why do people ask these questions.

When you start noticing problems on your madcatz, you should probably consider changing it out.