Why is the west coast FREE?

j/k i <3 the wescoast, we’re going to bring it back, just watch!!! :lovin:

You have truly earned your neg, wise troll.

Get that K groove bar…

Fuck that, why is west coast EXPENSIVE?
$950 for a 1-bed, 1-bath condo, GATDAYUM

That’s literally a box in Manhattan for that amount.

u have been neg repped.

Well played sir…:clapdos: (I chuckled)

It’s free because it’s about to fall into the ocean.

Phenomenub buys strategy guides and STILL cant win :rofl:

I wanna get premium so I can neg you

With all that nice weather you’d be taking everything casually too.

Rush that shit down!!! Neg rep him B…

this guy in no way represents any part of the WC