Why is this crap encouraged?

Warning: The video linked may be morbid and a little creepy to some.

Apparently the manufacturers of [media=youtube]vg7PznYjqgs"[/media] encourage people to starve the animals to death on them. Why though? Is it really necessary to be this sadistic to an animal when it can be humanely killed instead? It’s quite disgusting if you ask me, I don’t know what is going through people’s heads when using abominations of this design. And I don’t know why such a thing would be advertised like this.

I have a few questions for you guys:

  1. If you caught an animal in a trap, and it was alive (or injured), but your intention was to kill it, would leaving it on the trap to starve to death be OK with you?

  2. Would you even use a trap like that, as seen in the video?

  3. If the animal in question is a pest to you, does that mean that it is not inhumane or cruel to make it suffer excessively?

  4. Is the way someone kills an animal a reflection of their character?

some people are really sick, others are just really lazy.

typically my family will check the trap daily and if it caught something, thrown it in a bag, put the thing out of its misery, and throw the remains away.

I sincerely hope a rat naws your little hippie dick off.

TBH, I don’t think these things should even be legal. They’re just torture devices… a trap that kills quickly is far superior. However, if one really has to use these “glue traps”, then they ought to be responsible enough to use them. That means humanely euthanising any trapped animals (or releasing them, if viable). Leaving an animal on one really isn’t a good idea, for one, they could escape it. I also think it is the “gore” factor, some people are too squeamish to do the job so they decide to bin the animal while it is still alive. People should get over the gore and do the right thing.

To be perfectly frank, once the animal is captured and isn’t a problem any more, and the question of disposal comes into question - then it is not a problem of pest control any more. So I would say, starving something to death intentionally when one has full control not to is just a form of neglect/abuse.

you must never have had a pest problem OP. i dont like killing animals, but if they to chew holes in my home, and crap/piss everywhere, they’re getting murked. i just use regular ole’ mouse traps. god forbid i ever get a RAT infestation.

the whole starve them thing, i dunno. glue traps do work pretty well though.

Blow me.

Nothing “hippie” or extreme about what I said, it’s perfectly valid.

If I caught a mouse in a trap, I want to get rid of it immediately. It makes me feel sick to see it lying there in the house minutes later.

I have, and have used snappy traps to great success. But that’s besides the point here.

Did you not get the point of my OP?

I don’t disagree with killing and the removal of pests. I agree that they gotta go, but don’t deserve to be tortured to death like that.

The same vegetable oil that you use to shove them up your ass can also be used to free them from those traps granted they haven’t injured themselves you smelly fascist.

  1. Yes, but most likely, I’d take a BB gun and blow a hole in them
  2. Yes, see #1
  3. Yes, cuz i’m not gonna show mercy to those filthy disease carrying vermins.
  4. Not exactly.

and i prefer glue traps to snap traps. has anyone ever handled a dead mouse before? shit is disgusting. i remember one time, i had one of those snap traps kill a mouse and didn’t find out until a few days later when i noticed a horrible stench. the reason i didn’t notice was because i was at evo 2005.

at least with glue traps, their struggling will garner attention and wont kill them immediately. also, you wont have problems getting your fingers snapped off with glue traps.

I couldn’t care less about a lifeform that is not a human being, so fuck rodents and fuck you…


If you want to catch and release, get a cage trap. Pouring vegetable oil on a (most likely) injured animal, scaring it even more to the point where it will die of shock, isn’t really the best option either if you want to be humane about it. How many people go through that effort using these things anyway? Not many I’d suspect.

i’d kill it not starve it. they have a bad slogan, i guess its equivalent to the ronco “set it, and forget it”. i know a couple ppl that will forget about the mouse traps…until it starts to smell.

i dunno if i’d call it inhumane.

This is op

This is what he wants you to use to protect your home against rodents.

Starving something to death without giving in a mercy killing isn’t inhumane? That’s quite an interesting definition of “inhumane” you have there.

Guess that counts you out, then. :slight_smile:

Killing pest is inhumane, wtf is humane then… that vid with someone throwing a dog into the ocean didn’t tug at my heart strings a bit because it is not a person…

I cannot empathize or sympathize with something that is not a human… plain and simple…

EDIT: Oh well looks like I’m inhumane because I’m not courteous to animals… fuck them…

I agree with OP. But i just dont care. It is abuse and neglect. but meh. If its more convenient for the human to torture the animal instead of expending time/energy putting it out if its misery. well thats their choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: i feel this way about ALL animals. Including dogs and such. Anyone that tortures rats like this, and is also against dog or cat credulity is a big hypocrite IMO.

i dont go out of my way to kill cockroaches stuck in the roach motel, but i wont hesistate killing a mouse. would me not giving a cockroach a mercy killing make it inhumane?

like i said, im indifferent. they’re just pest.

It’s not the “killing” that’s in question here. Get that through your thick skull. There are humane ways to kill animals, and there are not so humane ways. For example, scalding an animal in boiling water is certainly inhumane as opposed to, oh, a quick blow to the head.

Is it getting through yet?

That’s probably because your empathy centres are underdeveloped. I hope you don’t have pets.