Why is this game not anywhere to be found?

And I’m meaning that store wise, I’m sure I could find it online somewhere, but I planned on picking it up first thing in the morning, but apparently, nobody has it. A few places have it on order, but none actually available, and it wasn’t like they sold out. They just simply didn’t have any.

I just don’t get it. This is the first time I’ve never been able to just pick up a game on release date that wasn’t a huge hit and needed reserving. Why does nobody have it? No bestbuys, no gamestops, checked walmarts and just flat out nothing.

And most the websites I checked that do actually sell it online have it on “backorder”. Did they just release the game but forgot to actually make some copies? I mean seriously what the hell, this was gonna be my big break from SF4 but I’m still playing the damn game cause apparently, this game wasn’t even popular enough to make a few copies.

I guess I should mention that I’m talking about Continuum Shift for anyone who’s gonna be a smart ass.

Not sure what’s up exactly but I ran into a similar problem here yesterday. My Gamestop said that there was a discrepancy between the ship date and the street date of the game. Luckily the game arrived that day but I know a lot of friend who say their stores, for whatever reason, wont have it till Thursday.
/speculation and opinion

Yeah I am in Canada and amazon still hasn’t shipped mine. Best Buy (canada) website is saying 29th now, and my local eb games (gamestop) didn’t know why they weren’t getting it on the 27th.

I ordered from amazon.ca because they had originally listed it for the 20th…not only did i not get it early, i don’t even get it on time…

waits by mailbox

I was expecting it to be available by today so I could get it, but the only place around me that is even close to game store is Futureshop and they won’t get it until tomorrow. I’m going in tomorrow morning, but I hope it’s not like CT and the store not get it until several months after it’s release.

It’s because the shipping date (as in, when the game actually starts being shipped) is what stores were listing for some reason.

In other words the game was in shipment on the 27th. The street date was removed from the game though so as soon as a store has it they are allowed to sell it to you.

I actually got the game from Gamestop yesterday. Just call ahead and see if they have it.

The same happened with me and my Gamestop pre-order. Nobody has it and according to Gamestop there was a shipping error. I was told to wait until Monday for my copy. :confused:

well im going to assume that bbcs isn’t a game that’s popular everywhere. im sure places that have a solid fighting game community like cali and ny have the game in stock b4 the street date. well i called my closest gamestop and asked them if they were selling during starcraft’s midnight release. they told me they didnt even have it in stock so i figure it was guaranteed to be available on release date. it turns out the next day was a shipping day, they wouldn’t get it till tomorrow. i just couldn’t wait and tried the 2nd closest gamestop, fortunately they had 3 copies left. it really puzzles me because these gamestops are very close to each other but one get their shipment on release day and another gets it the next. im just glad i got my copy. hopefully yours will show up soon.

Because StarCraft II came out on the 27th

It all depends on the store and region. I go to an independent game store in L.A. area and they received their copies Tuesday Afternoon. My guess is most stores that don’t have it yet will receive it today or tomorrow.

I got my copy at 10:30 AM on the 27th, from Gamestop.

I had it pre-ordered, they just hadn’t opened the box that it came in. The guy went in the back came out with a “boom shaka-laka” and I went home happy.

Went yesterday since it was the release date, guy at my GameStop said it’s not out till tomorrow.
Went again today, the SAME guy said its delayed until Friday.
If it is cause of SC2, then I’ma just go bust some money into some gaming computer.

I picked it up yesterday afternoon at about 12? The guy had said that the guy in the truck JUST dropped them off about 20 minutes before I got there… so it really just depends on the location I guess. All Gamestops should be getting them soon.

Bestbuy/Target/Walmart didn’t have it. I doubt they will for a while… same thing happen when BB:CT came out. PS3 version was sold out for weeks.

My Gamestop only got 3 copies. Good thing 1 of them were mine thanks to reserving it the night before.

My local gamestop got 2 copies, 1 of which was preordered. Glad I checked when I did, that other one is mine.

imin houston and no one fukin had it…i had to drive for like 2 fucking hours… bull shit

Nowhere had it but gamestop and they only had one copy. I love this game.

Finally got it at bestbuy but the guy had to search in the warehouse for 20 minutes.

I got it on release date. I live in Nebraska in a smaller town but I had it pre ordered. I believe if you had it pre ordered then odds are you would have it on that day and this is helpful thanks to Starcraft 2 actually. Your Gamestop DEF. had to get a shipment that day because of starcraft 2’s release, so if u had pre ordered a copy then it got put into the box/shipment of boxes SC2 was sent to them with. Sort of a “kill 2 birds with one stone” thing for them since they could put a smaller name title in with the big name title that is SC2.

It happens a lot though that smaller name titles such as BBCS do not come out in some places of the USA on the ship date. They just use it as a starting point on when to start getting it to places. However, if your name is Call of Duty, Gears of War, God of War, etc then you bet your ass that game will be at stores a week early sometimes and guaranteed on release day lol.

Sounds like history repeating itself. The original BB was hard to find here in Canada. I ended up giving a guy premium because he found a local store that had some copies. I’ve been thinking about getting CS, so hopefully I won’t run into problems finding it.

If you’re in Canada and manage to get a copy, post up…

Still nowhere to be found for most of us. Frustrating how this has happened with the BB:CT, GGXX AC+ for ps2, now this… every damn release it seems.