Why is throwing hated on?

Ok I’ve been wondering this forever! It’s part of the game mechanics and if you don’t learn it you’ll never become a better player. I play with Guile and I can get something like 3-6 throws a round using my mixup game. Then the other player goes on to say I’m cheap when all he has to do is press the same two buttons at the same time as I do, as if he’s attempting the impossible. This thread will probably get closed but I just wanted to hear others opinions on the subject.

Because you can’t block a throw. And they can’t throw break. Scrubs bitch. 'Nuff said.


There is nothing wrong with throwing - whatever next hey ? No fireballs lol

Scrubs complain about everything. It doesn’t matter what it is.

I’ve heard them complain about crouching, blocking, using EX moves, and using an Ultra.

But throws tend to get a lot more hate.

not more than picking ken as a character lol

anyone who complains about the throws needs to stfu or pick sagat and stay on the other side of the screen

Some guy kept throwing me. I realized its all he could do. I started teching them, they he stopped playing me… People cant adapt.
Like the time I beat a man in alpha2 with Zangief. he kept mumbling to his friend the whole match, then when I won he yelled that I threw too much.
Hmm, Surprise. what else did you think gief would do? since you know im coming to throw, you have an advantage on knowing my plan. Adapt.

I think the only people that really complain about throwing are casual players. Anyone that’s played SF (or any fighting game for that matter) for any length of time won’t complain about throwing.

Besides, games today have throw break mechanisms so there’s even less for people cry about.

You’ll find that new/casual players will complain about anything they can’t figure out how to stop:
fireball spam
cross ups

Back when I first started playing SFII I complained about it. Then after ONE match I bloody learned how to do it/counter it.

I’ve played people that have obviously had quite a few matches online and they STILL complain and whine.

I honestly don’t get it. :frowning:

Blocking is suppose to be your magical defense against all attacks. So obviously anything that gets around your blocking is unfair and cheap. This includes throwing, mix-ups, cross-ups, and chip damage.

Because scrubs would rather hate on something than adapt and learn how to deal with it.

FYI, I tick throw all the time, and have only gotten one hatemail message for it. I asked the dude why and he said it takes “no skill.” When I asked what was skilless about throwing he just repeated the same bullshit over again without actually giving me an answer.

This game is way easier than SF2 to stop throwing. If SF2 even if you see a throw coming you can only reduce the damage that it does and land on your feet. I can see that being frustrating sometimes. But in SF4 you can take ZERO damage for a throw if you see it coming and tech it (although sometimes I swear to god I am jamming those buttons and I still don’t get a tech. Am I the only one here?). It’s WAY easier to learn to tech throws than learn do deal with them in other ways.

Unblockable damage output. That’s really all.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing. As in any fighting game, there are ways to get around it. Throwing is part of one’s strategy and deters turtling constantly. Anyone who complains about is clearly a scrub. That is all.

Yea. I was playing against some guy and he told me that I threw too much with Abel. I was like…“What? It’s part of the game…Ok, let me play you again.” So I only threw 2 times per round. This includes his normal throw, command throw, and his anti-air throw. After I beat him again he was like " You still throw too much."

(I actually heard this online once)

Heh, go play SC4 and try to throw. You think that this game is filled with scrubs hating on throws? You know nothing until you sample the shit on SC4.

Unblockable damage? You can tech throws to reduce damage. Guess it takes too much skill for their part…

you know way back, like in 91 or 92 (back when sf2ww was released with the snes) we actually had a rule that throws where not allowed, unles you where using a character with a grab special (zangief). we actually had this rule till SSF2 for the snes. meaning if one of us actually grabbed, the other would get a free throw back.

wasn’t that because there was no tech hit for some of the sf2 series?

Yeah, for the first few games there was no throw teching.

It was still balanced though, just really powerful.