Why is Wolvie/Akuma

so good together?

I heard they are great together, but I have no idea why. What am I missing? I know you can use akuma’s assist to help combo a grab and to keep combo’s going, but theres other assists like this.
why are they such a good combo?

Ridiculous mixups and 100% kills on any mistake.

what mixup’s? wolfs claw with sent assist is much better then akuma, and 100% kills with any mistakes works with wolf and other people, im trying to learn wolf and akuma team, so i would like more detail please.

Akuma’s tatsu rips through projectiles including Tron’s Gustaff Fire Assist.It nullifies things that should help keep Wolverine out.It allows wolvie to get in even easier than with Drones in most situations because of the speed in which it comes out, this also helps you catch people with it so Wolverine can combo of it. Akuma’s tatsu assist also helps keep pressure on your opponent more easily than Drones when you are close to your opponent, thus allowing the mixups that Scogz was referring too.It is actually quite ridiculous when done correctly. You’ll be opened up eventually.Wolverine’s ability to mixup with Berserker Slash as easily as you can now is stupid and a ridiculous oversight by Capcom.

It’s mostly just Akuma’s assist really. Akuma’s tatsu assist is nearly as retarded as Wolverine himself it’s just since he’s an assist it’s not talked about as much. Akuma’s assist at certain frames once its active can absorb beams and other projectiles even from other projectile based assists. Which means Wolverine running around with Akuma can shut out your go to projectile assist pretty easily unless you catch him during the random frames where it isn’t projectile invincible.

Akuma assist is retarded with anyone who has good left right mix ups. X23’s M mirage feint mix left right is faster than Wolverine’s berserker slash and combined with Akuma tatsu she’s also plenty annoying especially since she has multiple dive type moves. The downward special move based dive turns her into a sword as far as priority and will even beat Dante’s and Zero’s swords which Wolverine’s dive kick loses to free. Plus since she has 2 different dive based moves she can use in conjunction with each other it’s much harder to XF guard cancel them and kill her off. Wolverine…as soon as you block a dive kick you know you can just turn on guard cancel and he gets off the screen. Her M and H talon attack moves that hurl her across the screen when combined with tatsu give her basically full screen hit confirm for a move that moves her forward.

Akuma’s tatsu is also one of the most braindead easy assists to hit confirm off of because of the long juggle state and soft knockdown.

Yeah, this…
It’s not a matter of just being mixups… There’s no way to keep the assist off of you, and Wolverine just smacks you as soon as the coast is clear.

thank you, this is what i needed to know, that sounds insane.

that sounds sick, imma start using his assist more ty.

maybe i should drop sent, cuss i mostly use him for assist?

Yeah. Akuma’s tatsu is retarded indeed.I do believe Capcom has already made it harder to combo of it already. Yes you should drop Sent for Akuma.There is a reason why Wolvie and Akuma are considered best friends.

It’s the Mag/Psy of this game but there’s no Storm/Cyke to smack it.

no i mean, imma drop sent as an assist and an character. I only really use him for his assist right now (im a scrub) just learning these 2 characters right now. (been playing for 3 days)

edit: i considered wesker, but im having issues wit dat goof, hes tuff to get used to.

Yeah Sent drones are really only good for long high low mix ups or to put more shit on the screen for lame out characters. Wolverine gets in way too well with Akuma assist to need that. Sent drones are getting half buffed in a sense where the start up on them is faster so you can use them offensively easier or get them out there faster if you’re using a lame character. The offside is that the faster speed makes them a true block string so you won’t be able to get long multi mix ups off it as easily anymore but I think the faster start up is a better buff because it makes it so you need less time to start the mix up to begin with. When Akuma assist gets nerfed in Ultimate there may be reason to go back to Sent but I think the only thing that’s changing is the juggle state doesn’t last as long. You should probably still be able to get juggles off of it if you dash in quickly enough.

Another reason why Akuma’s assist is so retarded is that like Felicia’s Rolling Buckler it’s extremely difficult to stuff even with physical attacks once it’s out. You can only reliably stuff the assist with attacks before it comes out on screen. Once it’s active it has a hit box that stuffs everything but like armor based moves or other moves that also absorb projectiles (Captain America’s Charging Star or Thor’s Mighty Strike will usually beat it clean or trade at worst).

Tokido uses the drones, and he has one of the best Wolverine out there. Drones are much easier to punish and more dangerous to use, but if used correctly it’s probably more effective than tatsu as it’s slow and locks down your opponent longer. It also works well with more characters. Just try them out and come to your own conclusion. Doom and Iron Man’s beams plus Tron’s flame work extremely well with Wolverine too.

cool thanx, this is very helpful to know what assists work with wolvie, i thought iron mans beam looked insane wit wolf. Imma switch some shit up.

Contrary to what some people in here are saying, it’s not “mostly the Tatsu assist”. With most characters other than Wolverine the Tatsu assist can be fairly risky. The great synergy is the fact that the immunity on Wolverine’s mixup makes the Tatsu “safe”, combined with Tatsu making Wolverines mixup “safe”. Compare that to other rushdown char’s mixups and you will find there is a window of vulnerability that Wolvie/Akuma does not currently share.

It is comparable to Drones with Wolvie, just a difference in timing and desired distance.

You’re fucked when you are in the corner.

Most people crouch block (down back), and if you crouch block against wolv in the corner he will dash up in front of your face jump>call akuma assist>L,S,Drill claw. That’s basically (I think technically you have a small window of time to stand up, but isn’t easy.) unblock-able if you are crouching because the akuma assist will keep you in block stun so you don’t have time to stand up and and block the overhead. If you’re stand blocking he most players do he same, but instead they go low during the akuma assist.

You stand = get hit low. You crouch = get hit overhead. You super jump = you get fucked on way down ( when you SJ in MVC3 your character doesn’t turn around until the hit ground. So most likely you are facing opposite way of your opponent.) You regular jump = most likely get air thrown into slide x-factor. If Wolv doesn’t have x-fact then air throw >slide>akuma assist > air combo (this one damage scaling sucks, that why most wolv x-factor).

Also Wolv’s slash actually sucks if you don’t cancel into speed up. However with Akuma assist you can actually continue the combo w/o speed up (for situations where wolv is out of meter). Great option to save meter.
Ex: Skip to 4:30 (for some stupid reason SRK won’t let me link time stamps on embedded videos).


Also an example a setup that Justin used to use a lot after killing a character was that on the incoming character he would purposely jump and whiff H. This cause him to land behind the incoming character then he would slash back onto the original side and with akuma assist he can continue the combo.

Ex : (Skip to 1:00, you can see Floe knew it was coming too. He was ready for it, and still got hit.)[media=youtube]5QVEuSWU6Iw[/media]

Its not even just wolv, really akuma assist is also retarded with Mag, She hulk, Wesker and Dante. Ive literally many times seen mag players on wake up calling akuma assist almost full screen from their opponent, assist clips them and then he tridash, slides into a full combo.

For along as time ive been saying tatsu assist is on the same level as tron, hagger it such a free hit confirm n its risky to push block the point character because if you do it can take too long to transition form high to low (or vice versa) block putting yourself in semi unblockables.

I didnt know this, so this is the reason sometimes I get hit when I’m sure I blocked the mixup.

Is there a way to avoid this ‘‘unblockable’’?