Why isn't Adon chosen more in tournament play?

You barely ever find any Adon’s in top 8 or top 16 at majors, with the small exception of Justin Wong and Gamerbee. And I think JWong pretty much dropped him and moved onto Yang. I feel that he’s a great character, and has a lot of ambiguous tools to keep the opponent on his toes. He’s even stronger now in AE, and has a lot of potential. I’m surprised more people haven’t picked him up. Why do you think that Adon is underplayed in the tournament scene?

The twins eat him alive from I’ve heard from Gamerbee, and Adon at high level play is still very hard to use.

The twins eat just about everyone alive. Adon is a great character its just his meta-game isn’t as plug and play as some of the better characters in the game. I’d rather see the few good Adon’s than an army of crappy ones. Why does it matter anyway? He’s fun I enjoy playing him.

Because he doesn’t have a fireball.

Can you tell me, how Adon is stronger in AE, in Super he was unique with his (broken ?) wake-up now he’s just a character with below average stamina and can be easily safe jump.

Even in Super Adon wasn’t a great character, he was just average, a middle tiers with toughs match-up like Zangief, Hawk, Honda, Balrog …
With AE it’s almost the same plus the twins and Gouki.

It is GamerBee who is very great with Adon.

If you want to have a good opportunities to win a tournament, pick Yun, if you want to have fun and annoy your opponent pick Adon but Yun can do it too :frowning:

I agree mostly with the above.
At least with his fast wake up, Adon required the opponent to be more careful about putting pressure on him! This is what made the Akuma match up slightly in Adons favor, now its the other way around!
In this version he has better normals and I truly think he may be about on par with how he used to be, but the small buffs (and I truly feel they are small) dont help any of his bad match ups! if anything some of these match ups got worse, at least in the case of Hawk and Gief!

Adon has always had mostly even match ups! while this is the case he wont win many tournaments! Even Gamerbee has trouble with the bad match ups!

I actually think they should have left Adon one of the fastest wake up characters like Yun! The nerf would have been fine to me if they didnt give it to Yun! but if two characters have the same insane wake up people would just have to adjust and stop whining!

I suspect that they re-balanced the game before adding in the new characters… In either case, I agree with you - there seemed no point nerfing Adon’s wake-up time only to give it to Yun.

he is a good character but he is difficult to use correctly…especially at a high level…his instant air jaguar kick(which is essential to his offense) is a little more difficult to do than say cammy TK cannon spike…and unfortunately because im sure most touraments are swamped with twin trolls…it makes people not wanna play him(unless they really know how to use him…i for one will be using him at CIVIL WAR 3!!)

adon did not deserve a nerf like that. i havnt realy used em since ae came out

Mainly its because it boils down to the fact, why go so hard with adon when you can just be so care free with another character

I argue this with a friend of mine!
But he like many feel Adons jks are brainless… sigh!

… brainless? shit let him be stuffed a few times with ultras/normals he’ll take it back

haha indeed. gotta love clueless people :stuck_out_tongue:

He must have a hell of a time dealing with Yun, Yang, Rufus, and Akuma.

That’s not true at all. You don’t see many twins in tournaments yet. Maybe in a few months but right now just a couple here & there. Adon’s never been popular. For what reasons I don’t know but its always been this way.

He’s relatively hard to play. High-risk, medium-reward. There are other characters who do everything he does but better.

he was only competitive because it was hard as fuck to mix hium up. now, it isn’t, and the character is free to yun/yang.

Taking my (new and scrubby) Adon to the local tournament tonight. My goal is to win at least one match lol.

good luck! :smiley:

One match? Talk numbers. I wanna hear you that you killed em all!