Why isn't Dr Strange top tier as I thought he would be when UMVC3 came out



When I saw vids coming out of this game, pople were sayiung he would be the next Wesker in the respect of his juggles and orbs and stuff

what happened as I am not an UMVC3 expert but I dont really see him being used that much in vids?

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He is alot similar to MODOK, as his learning curve takes awhile to get the hang of. He still would get dominated by other top tier characters as he needs to have an assist to help throw out orbs without getting blown up by characters such as Wesker or Zero. I’d say he’s around B or A tier wise though.

  1. People were expecting an airdash (and for good reason, especially if you consider his powers in the comics). When it was revealed he didn’t have one, we thought it wasn’t going to be that big of a deal and he would be a monster anyway. Mistake.

  2. Terrible normals. Outside of j.M and Impact Palm, maybe 2M as well, his buttons in general are not that good. Mystic Sword L and M are super useful tools but you will almost always need assists backing him up to get ANY sort of zoning or offense mounted.

  3. Bad matchups vs. a lot of the top tier characters. Pretty self-explanatory. Zero wrecks Strange, 7-3 at least IMO. There is nothing you can do once he is at midrange and lvl. 3 Buster stuffs your projectiles on startup. After that, it’s blah blah combo into Lightning Loop, dead Strange. Doesn’t help that his health sits at 850k, pretty mediocre.

Outside of that though, Strange is still a pretty solid character. In second, you having meter stocked means your opponent is susceptible to SoV kill combos off one mistake or bad assist call. Does really good damage and meter build; arguably the highest in the game, solo. Bolts assist is also useful for characters with a teleport of some sort.


I found out today that his crouching light and crouching medium are not lows
its unfortunate.


This is what makes Strange a top 20 at best in this game. And the pathetic wavedash. And the fact that EOA is beaten by low priority projectiles (looking at you Wesker ¬¬ ). And the vanishing Daggers of Denak M if Strange is hit. And the “only works on medium and highs” Illusion. And the “i’m unsafe on block” Spell of Vishanti. Strange needs a team built around him for those reasons.


Thanks for letting mr know the reasons guys


If he had an airdash and cr.L hit low, I would like him much more T.T


Strange needs no airdash, just a better wavedash, cr.L should hit low, and maybe EOA should beat wesker gunshot and Frank pie ¬¬


Doctor strange needs a low and over head and safe teleports and he be complete.


If he is just as he is, but with 1,000,000 health (which let’s say Dormammu and Doom have, still 100K shy of Taskmaster and Chris) he would be A-, or at least top15.

cr.L should be a low-hit. And oh, you said SoV is unsafe on block? Do it in the air after a long combo. It’s unsafe on hit as well. Sparda twins, footdives, Nova, whatever has a great aerial normal or special WILL PUNISH YOU EVEN AFTER RECEIVING THE SPELL OF VISHANTI. That is BEYOND ridiculous.


Yeah that is pretty retarded. Good thing 9/10 times they’ll be on the receiving end of a ToD. :smiley:






I have a ps3 i have a fairly decent doctor strange although i wouldnt attempt touch of death combos online unless is with xfactor. Strange and Wesker have unblockables.


Do you know how to do the the loop with him?


The thing with strange is also that your combining the weaknesses of 2 character classes:
-Low vitality class
-Big hit box class

Low vitality class characters like X23, Rocket Raccoon, Akuma usually have either a small hit box, good mobility, fast L attacks or a good wavedash to balance and make them hard to hit

Big hitbox characters such has Dorm, Hulk or Nemesis have high vitality, armor moves or air dash

But Strange kinda have “worse from both worlds”= low vitality, big hitbox, restricted movement, sub par normals

imo M Daggers should stay on screen even if Strange is hit, and L mistic sword shouldn’t be crouchable (or to only very small chars like RR, VJoe, Amy). Low L should be at least safe on hit and block. It’s -6 on hit !
Stand L should be mashable to give him fast anti air like Mag.


If Daggers M stays on screen, I think it would be a bit too good. However, I think it’s reasonable to say that he shouldn’t fall prone after doing them in the air. Mystic Sword L shouldn’t ever be crouchable, though, and it should be positive on block.


Then why do we do it to ourselves?

My love for the character clouds my judgment lol.

When he dies, I sigh. When he & I beast (especially Impact Palm loop into Lv3), it’s so satisfying.


Strange beats the shit out of Zero. I dunno WTF you are talking about. Sounds like you’re just not that good with Strange. Zero can’t move without Strange blowing him up. Strange can also run away from Zero and Zero can almost never catch him as long as the Strange player is smart. Like how is a character that can’t block 90% of the time when he’s moving going to beat Dr. Fuckin Strange, the man the with instant homing super? What’s he gonna do? Sit on the other side of the screen and throw projectiles and then get 7 Ringed when he tries to buster? Not to mention Strange out prioritizes Zero in the air too. There is no way in hell Strange loses to Zero match up wise. Strange controls Zero in the match up. Zero can of course tag Strange and kill him but everyone can. The much tougher match ups are the ones against characters with fast safe mobility that can get in on Strange without risking getting blown up.


So show me a match where Strange beats the shit out of Zero then so I can believe you. Better yet, a set so I know for sure you’re absolutely right.

Until then, I go by Low Tier Fear’s match here:

And even with Haggar assist, it’s not as pretty as you think.