Why isn't Nova used more?

What is it about Nova that places him low on tier lists? I don’t really understand. He hits hard, he’s fast, he has simple combos… what are Nova’s weakness that are resulting in him being regarded as a weak character?

I haven’t really heard him being regarded as a weak character. A lot of people know he’s good, but that’s about all that it is. He does have a weakness, in his movement, and easily covered by a horizontal projectile assist, but as far as the character goes as a whole, he doesn’t have that much to offer. He’s good at what he does, and that’s it. No glaring insane things that make him broken. The best thing goin’ for him is his left right mix up, and his air throw game. Again, really good, but he’s not competin’ with Dante or Zero or Dormammu. I doubt we have everything about him figured out. I’m still finding little cool things every now and then in training mode, but there hasn’t been anything ground breaking with him at all, except for how good Spencer’s grapple assist works with him.

I don’t know what tier list you’ve been reading, but he’s considered high tier. A tier as of the tier list on the forums. He has really strong tools such as his instant overhead, attack priority, and damage. His J.H has incredible priority and can cross up easy. He’s a very solid character that many people have no idea how to deal with. He has bad matchups though. Zero for one absolutely rapes him. In my opinion though, he’s just outclassed by the S tiers. Viper and Zero especially.

So you guys think he’s good, but he just hasn’t been explored fully and he’s overshadowed by the more broken characters, correct?

That’s understandable. It’s just that I feel like he’s a great character who happens to be fun to play, but I don’t get that feeling from others as they seem to hate on him or just not use him.

He’s like Shehulk in Vanilla. She was considered a great character, but she was still outclassed by wolverine, phoenix, etc. Doesn’t mean she wasn’t viable. Same applies to Nova.

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I thought Nova was considered a solid A tier? I think he’s a great character.

No fast low.

Keeps him out of the top 10 IMO.

Dj had it best I think, he’s strong but limited. Wolverine is the same concept but in my opinion still better at it. Nova does decent damage but since a lot of his combo strings are links and he struggles to maximize on his ground/wall bounces/crumples deeper into combos.It limits his combo potential and makes hitstun decay a difficult barrier to over come (compared to characters like Vergil/Dante/Spencer etc who have ways to delivering fixed hitstun at any point in a combo or multiple hard knockdowns). Nova works, but I don’t see much potential for growth.

I think you’re wrong here. Nova does a lot of damage in a small amount of hits. I found a new Bnb for nova that does 770-800 depending on his red health. It uses a M centurion rush and gravimetric pulse (if he has 30% red life it causes a wall bounce) and uses Weskers assist. He does a hefty amount of damage and has good resets, his air dash down is the fastest in the game and he has energy javelin to snipe people out of the air. His ony weakness that I have noticed so far is morrigan. I can post the notation for you if you like after.

Look at what you’re saying though; 770-800k to consume 30% of your red health (which makes it a situational combo not to mention at a higher cost than other characters) plus wesker assist. There are plenty of characters who can do comparable or greater damage with or without a wesker assist and not needing to consume their red health in the process. Many characters fall into the category of “he’s not bad, but X character does more or less the same thing but better.” Nova as an example isn’t as bad as some others (he’s still fairly strong), but I think the concept still holds true for him.

I dunno about you, but I know a ton of people that use Nova. He is definitely not low on tier lists.

to get 800k is when I use his Red health, if not I get 770k. I think people are holding themselves back when they use nova because that don’t use all of his resources (his red health) which cause wall bounces and gives you a free relaunch. Also who is the X that does more or less the same thing but better?

What gives you this idea? Nova is definitly one of the upper tier characters, and commonly picked.

Whenever i’m up against a Nova i know i’m in for a battle.

Nova is a great character, but he just doesn’t hold a candle to alot of the really good characters in the game. When it’s all said and done, he’s about the middle of the pack, and he doesn’t really bring alot of support value to a team, so the best reason to play him is on point, and there are much, much better point characters, not to mention Doom, Magneto, Trish, Viper, etc… all doing his type of rushdown better.

He as amazing synergy with Frank, hits hard and has easy resets which is why I use him

Agreed, that’s my team also (including Haggar).

I got the idea from just hearing people talk about him on streams, etc. He seems like such a valid character to me (what do I know?) but he’s rarely picked and often picked on by high-level players.

He does have great synergy with Frank, in fact I went to lengths to develop tech for the two of them. Problem is Frank is strong but not busted when leveled and garbage when not, so your woes just become compounded if you lose Nova before leveling Frank.

I’ll be honest. I feel Nova is top tier and broken on many many levels. He works well with a lot of teams and can create stupidly easy broken unblockables. A tier at the very least. He does have weaknesses but those can be covered with good teams or X-factor. Even then as Combofiend and Dick Ngyen have shown us, Nova is a force even by himself. I like him and I’m glad we only see a few here and there.

Level 4 Frank is one of the most broken characters in this game. Level 5 is just icing on the cake. I don’t know what game you’re playing where you would classify him as strong, but not busted. Trust me, just about everyone I’ve played against will x-factor to get rid of level 4 frank and I run Nova, Frank, Wesker. They’d much rather deal with Wesker last than Frank and I think that says something. Maybe you haven’t played against someone who knows how to jump and press medium. Any character with a tracking teleport immediately loses that part of their offense when frank is at 4. Dorm, Dante, and Vergil struggle against him for that reason alone. In general, teleport characters with the exception of Zero struggle with frank simply because of that j. m. I think at level 3 he’s a solid A, but at 4+ he’s clearly S.