Why isnt Raikousen connecting?

Hi guys!
When im in the corner with Zero trying out some BnB’s, my Raikousen isnt always connecting, only sometimes. And i cant figure out why it aint connecting 100%

Does it depends on how high i jump, before doing divekick OTG (Sentsuizan) ? [Heavy one]
Or does it depends on when im release the Buster charge?
As soon as the Sentsuizan hit, i connect Buster-move.

Can’t figure it out, anyone else that had the same problem?

I’m assuming you’re doing the Sentsuizan xx Buster > L Raikousen at the end of an aerial series?
There is a minimum height for the buster cancel but not for the Raikousen, but if you can consistently do sentsuizan xx lvl 3 buster then that’s not the issue.
Who are you practicing on? Some floaty characters(Magneto, Strange, etc.) you need to adjust the timing and some characters won’t get combo’d by it at all (ie. Ammy, Shuma).
Or you might not be just doing it fast enough?

I get this tips from the old Combo Thread

ive experimented with this too key notes is that
1.obviously the divekick has to connect i know this is obvious but at times ive released the buster to early and it happens
2.when you release the buster buffer the dp motion but wait till zero pulls his arm back to hit Light attack
its odd to put into muscle memory but its not a super tight lin

not mine, but helps a lot…