Why isn't SF more beginner friendly?

i watch alot of replays online but i just dnt wanna be that guy who talks about what other people are doing wrong but knowing i wouldnt last 2 seconds in a match with them. i realize there’s practice mode and all that but even that seems like its just for people who already have an idea of what they’re doing they just wanna work on timing a combo or whatever. not to mention i dont understand a word of the terminology. whenever people are talking about standing fierce, FADC, punishing or whatever other terms there are for the game i draw a blank. i mean dont get me wrong i’ve played a number of times but ive gotten bodied so much (even by 0 BP characters) that i took an extended time away from the game but everytime i see a good replay i wanna get back on but i know what the outcome will be so i fight the urge and i refuse to be called a scrub at any game i play so my question is what advice would you give somebody like me who is BRAND NEW to sf and wants to get good but has no idea where to start?

The SFIV title is the most beginner friendly of the franchise.

Everything you’ve mentioned as problematic will come to and improve over time. Not wanting to be called a ‘scrub’, but choose swearing the game off–sounds a little counter-productive to actually learning the game. A great way to learn the terminology is to check out the Glossary thread, if there isn’t a term you don’t know not posted, just ask in the thread.

Training Room is not just for those that “have an idea of what they’re doing.” It’s PERFECT for those that have no idea what they’re doing in live matches. Any Newbie who has a desire to learn and improve in the game should go there first, before doing much of anything else, other than perhaps the Trial Modes.

PP / BP is not an air tight indicator of an individuals’ skill. I have 0 PP+BP simply because I don’t bother with Ranked Matches.

What brand new players should watch:
Vesper Arcades SFIV Tutorial Videos

This belongs in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo, but I’ll answer anyway. There is a glossary of terms available here:

For being new to SF, go to the individual character subforums. They should be happy to help you.

Back in the day, beginners couldn’t even do uppercuts.

The SF4 series are the most beginner friendly fighting games in history. If you can’t get something going, maybe fighting games arent for you

Everyone has to start somewhere… every time you play online, you get a replay. The replay lets you watch the match and see what you did wrong (win or lose!), and crucially, what you did right too.

Training mode is amazing. Improve your execution (the ability to pull off a move at will), try and see if the move you pull can be followed up with another move (set the CPU to block after it gets hit), practice a combo you’ve seen online, set the CPU to perform a move and see if you can beat it with your character’s moves. It’s really only limited by your imagination and your patience.

Terminology is easy enough to learn by googling and using the wiki as suggested above :slight_smile:

Persevere - you will reap the rewards. :slight_smile:

SF is beginner friendly when you vs the computer. NOT when you vs online players, atleast thats what i’ve learned playing it.

Beginner friendly does not mean you can steamroll people who have been playing the game way longer than you. If this is the case, you have a balance issue (or just a very bad match up.)

You just have to play more and learn about the characters you play. You can’t get mad because you have to LEARN the game. Or if you wanna be a dick just pick ken and mash fierce DP.

while SF is a hard fighter, hardest of them all if you ask me, IV is the easiest. It has shortcuts even. OSing half the game. Third strike is much harder. Don’t let the advanced stuff get you though, you can win against many people with basic combos and tricks. You don’t need to do full meter combos with oni causing 950 stun or giant combos with seth that have resets out the ass. Just play.

How does this encourage people to play and get better at a game? I want a game to reward me for spending time playing it. As a gamer who plays board and card games, any game that rewards me for being lucky gets less play than those games that play hard and winning is hard too; Puerto Rico gets more play than Hopladi hoplada.

Ssf4 could do with a better way of teaching people the basics and intermediaries, too. That much, I agree with. But, that said, don’t remove the complexities or subtleties of the game - that’s what brings people back for more.

I could be missing your point, but it sounds like your kind of “Beginner Friendly” game contains (or lacks):

No Frame Trapping, command grabs, projectiles, or chip damage.
“Shoryuken” and other risky, unsafe moves are unpunishable.
No commitment required to learn and understand the more intricate details to FIGHTING GAME X mechanics.
One button specials, supers etc.

Beginner Friendly should not have to be braindead to be considered accessible.

We could just ask the beginner if he had an easier time getting into Street Fighter or any other game that is supposedly harder to get into lets take MK9 or TK6 for example.

As for safe moves, they are a double edged sword among other things. Beginners will get hit by safe moves not knowing what to do so they mash uppercuts. Pros will block safe moves wishing they could’ve countered it without mashing uppercuts. In the end it only helps intermediates who use them often to easily beat beginners and have a chance to go against pros.

All this talk of this is the most beginner game… Marvel vs Capcom 3 anyone?

MvC3 is newbie friendly only if you compare to MvC2
Without friends to play with it is really hard to improve. But now with internet you can go to forums read about your character discover combos match-ups and everything else and try them on practice mode but nothing replaces playing versus to really learn the game

prolly the wrong place to bring this up, everyone will just bash you with "this game is so noob friendly, go play super turbo or 3rd strike, then youll know!!"
but in all honesty your right, ive lost on a 100:1 ratio around 400 online ranked matches, from what ive come to see its impossible to get into fighting games unless youve already been playing them your entire life, move over to sc2, that community loves helping.

I think OP wishes this game was as easy as CoD Black Ops.

Its idiots like the noob that made this thread that are the reason why Capcom had to dumb their games down so these casual morons could pull a uppercut off.

It’s not beginner friendly because you’re playing against people who have hundreds or thousands of hours of practice on you. Nothing competitive is beginner friendly. Basketball isn’t beginner friendly. Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t beginner friendly. Driving race cars is not beginner friendly.

Same deal with the jargon. Capcom didn’t come up with that stuff. The community developed a lexicon over the years. Go read a car forum or Harmony-Central or a forum for whatever it is you don’t do and you will have problems understanding what everyone is talking about. Lately I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how easy it is to get into StarCraft. Maybe it is, but if I go read about StarCraft I have a hard time figuring out what people are talking about because I don’t really play that game, and I’m not involved in the community.

And if we’re talking about special move inputs and links and frame data, well, that’s just Street Fighter. You could take out all the special inputs and make it more like Smash or God of War or whatever you want, but at that point you’re just playing some other game that happens to feature Street Fighter characters.

As far as advice on getting good, just play a lot. Check the matchmaking forums, find people that play near you, start playing them. Ask what you can do to improve. Practice your combos and setups for 15 minutes every day. If you don’t have a ton of offline comp, play online a lot.

The harder it is in the beginning all the way through the training, the more accomplished you will feel when you have learned it.
If everything could be learned in 10 hours the fun would be gone pretty fast and the skillevel between players would be very flat.