Why isnt Shang Tsung so popular?



From what I’ve seen, he has some crazy combos. some zoning capacities, etc
Is it because when you soul steal, you have to know the moves of your you are copying? So that idea of having to learn many karacters just for 1 is turning many ppl away from him?


its pretty obvious that its the learning curve.


Yeah, definitely the learning curve. I like Shang more for his fireballs, even though that’s all he really has.


I think it’s learning all the crazy stuff. I’d love to have more people discuss Shang. lol My only semi-source is Calipower.


Soul-taking Squad, assemble! Decided to take up Shang Tsung after my recent run with Quan Chi. So far, my biggest problem with Tsung is his pretty weak close up options, especially when people use Kung Lao and Raiden. Ain’t going to quit on him, though. I love the way this character plays.


what valley say bout Tsung?


You can get some nice pressure though with ground- and up skull.


He’s been pretty difficult to use online for me. Spammy projectile characters or rushdown characters can handle a bit of lag far better than Tsung and a few other characters, imo.



he is considered top tier…and i do 2,2,1 close upskull, far skull, ex skull… after that you can do upskull into soul steal …his best starters are f+4,3,4 and 2,2,1

doing soul steal after every blocked combo makes it safe…SS is safe on block. ummm f+3,4 into juggle…after the first 3 hits on any combo they can’t breaker since it’s all skulls

he is the best zone char imo he does have trouble with tele characters and like everyone else kabal is a problem with his upclose game


So far Raiden has been my biggest problem when it comes to online match-ups, Dumb players are dumb so if they over use the teleport Ill eventually catch them, but its the good Raiden’s I can’t seem to deal with.

I was wondering, Does SHang have any air converts? I try not to play too much online but when I do I run into a lot of Jumpers, Usually I can catch them with a close ground skull or mid ground skull but sometimes I have to jump up there and kick or punch them to the ground. Here is what I mean, Lui kang’s combo B+ 3,1,2 (I think thats how the number system goes) can be used to catch a falling person after an air punch read and a dash. Potential 25+% combo just from catching them mid jump. Apart from the ground skulls does shang have any?


Haven’t played much of this game because it just doesn’t feel right to me. I used to love using Shang Tsung in MK2 because he was able to morph into anyone. Now that he can’t do that, what’s the point of using him? He was a masters character. You should be able to pick him and morph into counter picks to ensure a win. Not mirror a character that has been mained by your opponent. What’s the fun in mirror mataches? Sure you have a slight edege, but what fun is that when you can’t completly rape your opponent?