Why isn't there a Tekken 7 forum under the SF forum in the main area?


That’s a huge game and everybody’s playing it now. Plus it’s awesome. Get on it SRK :slight_smile:


good question!
each game should get the same treatment on this forum!

when its new and its playerbase seems to be kinda big it should deserve a own category.


Probably because Tekken Zaibatsu is where everyone talks about Tekken and not on SRK.




thats a stupid reason.
people are talking here about the game…so giving them more “space” to do it properly…which doesnt require even real work
and is done in 5-10 minutes, would be the right thing to do.

i mean with that mindsetting we could just close this whole area and the tekken7 thread with a disclaimer
that people should piss of and go to the zaibatsu forum…or you give this forum and the game a chance to grow including its community.

there is no reason not to give “bigger” games its own section. non at all!




I’ve been pretty busy with life. #fail :sad:


Because it says “Shoryuken.com” Not “Electric Wind God fist.com”…even though…that would sound dope for a website name…hmmm I’m having thoughts


Who gives a shit? Half of the FG posts in here are about how shitty SFV is and how great T7 and GG are.


Damn, there is a Tekken 7 forum under the Street Fighter V forum in the Main area now, we’ll i’ll be.




Lol when I asked this (and mentioned that I was fully aware of tekken zaibatsu as I’ve been a member there for years and years) I got shitted on.

Interesting to see a section of srk for tekken as it should have been as it was before.


Even the SFV forums are dead here except the General Thread, you’re better off just use Zenbatsu.


Everything is moving to discords at this point which is a good and bad thing, good because info is instant most times and bad because the archives and history is not there