Why isn't there an results section of EVO2k.com so you can see past years' winners?

I’m trying to find what year a certain player won a certain game. It would be nice if it was all located centrally at Evo2k.com so players could get recognition for their hard work.

It’d be nice if it went back to the B series tournaments, too.

There is a section, from 2002 and up, right here in the SRK Wiki.

Evolution Championship Series


EVO results from 2003-2008
SBO first place winners all years

Book mark these.

I’m guessing he means in terms of something a bit more obvious rather than hidden around. I would like to see something like that on the official site as well.

Not a bad idea to use the EVO site a little more officially (The results are all text anyway) but it’s not our call.

Cool thanks, but yeah, I did mean that it is strange that the official website for the tournament doesn’t bother to catalog past winners?

Are the B series different than Evo2ks?

The B series was before Evo, it started with B2 which meant Battle by the Bay I think. They were both ran by the Canon twins.

Actually it started with B3, then B2, then B4, B5, Evo2K2, etc.

Are there any results for them? I’m curious who won those.

There’s a thread somewhere around here with all the B results but I only got results for ST @ B4, B5 and EVO 2002:

========B4 2000========
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st Mike Watson (Boxer, Dictator, Ryu)
2nd Alex Valle (O. Sagat, Ryu)
3rd John Choi (Ryu, O. Sagat)
4th “Shirts” Jason DeHeras (Dhalsim)
5th “Afrocole” Jason Cole (Dhalsim, O. Sagat)
5th Jason Nelson (Dictator, Boxer)

========B5 2001========
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st “Afrocole” Jason Cole (Dhalsim)
2nd John Choi (Ryu, O. Sagat)
3rd Alex Valle (Ryu)
4th Mike Watson (Ryu)
5th Jason Nelson (Dhalsim)
5th Jason Gonzales (Boxer)

========EVO 2002========
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st “Afrocole” Jason Cole (Dhalsim, O. Sagat)
2nd “Nuki” Ohnuki Shinya (Chun Li, O. Sagat)
3rd “Shirts” Jason DeHeras (Dhalsim)
4th Apoc (Claw)
5th Jason Nelson (Dhalsim)
5th John Choi (O. Sagat)
7th Mike Watson
7th Jumpsuit Jesse
9th Mester

I always wished that they’d publish more than top 8. Full results would be ideal, but even just adding the results of semi-finals would be nice.

blitzfu, could you post what consoles or arcade systems the games were on too?

I have no idea, and I can’t find that post where I got my results from either.

Here is some information about the 1998 USFGC: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=222421&highlight=USFGC

I remember there used to be a results page for B4 (ST, SFA2, SFA3, MvC2, 3S) and B5 (ST, SFA3, MvC2, CvS1), but that seems long gone (tried checking archive.org, but that didn’t work).

Here are the results for the 1996 B3 SFA2 tournament:

  1. Alex Valle
  2. John Choi
  3. Jason Nelson
  4. Jeff Schaefer
  5. Tony Ngo
  6. Richard Koven
  7. Julien Beasley
  8. Thao Duong
  9. Graham Wolfe
  10. Adam McMahon
  11. Jason Cole
  12. David Chang
  13. Mike Watson
  14. David Sirlin
  15. Mike Pirring
  16. Tom Cannon

All of the B-series tournaments were arcade, American ST boards, probably turbo 3 (fastest speed). EVO2002 and 2003 I believe were also on American ST boards. EVO2004 was Japanese DC version of ST. EVO2005 was the PS1 version of ST. EVO2006 was AE on the PS2. EVO2007 was CCC2 on the PS2. And then EVO2008, last year for ST, was back on the Japanese DC version. EVO2009 and EVO2010 have HDR on the PS3.

As far as I remember ST is the only game to hop around to so many different consoles and versions at EVO. MvC2 was always DC (until this year). When AE (for 3S) and CvS2 came to the PS2 they moved from the DC permanently. VF and Tekken games were always PS2 (and then PS3).

This is a great idea, if someone could put together the results for me and send to mrwizard (at) shoryuken dot com, would be grateful.