Why isn't Urien Top Tier?



An honest to god question, he’s all ready pretty high up in the Tiers for the revised list. Yet he isn’t in the A or A+ class. To me, he’s easily an A+ because of his juggle that can lead to about 40% damage and then he can spam the Aegis and do whatever he wants once he’s got them in the corner.


because he cant dance


He’s slow as fuck. He’s got to seriously outplay his opponent for him to land a clean c.fierce. Without meter he’s got no real pressure. Parrying -> punish with him is shitty because parry -> c.fierce is slow as fuck, and against certain characters or at certain distances he can’t get that. He gets at best a s.fierce, or at worst like a low forward.

He’s big, slow, not that hot at block punishing.


His sprite/hit box sucks too. He one tall mofo so other mofos can run all over him. Bait his tech throw then jump back kick him. Thats no top tier business, thats DESPICABLE.:wasted:


No, thats just Ryan Hart vs Raju :arazz:


Zak vs Raju as well.

Ryan vs Raju is jump back kick to stuff my freakin headbutt!!:bluu:


SFIV Sagat’s hit box is tall is heck and he’s top tier. :lol:

Urien just doesn’t have the options required to be top tier. No low forward super, doesn’t have much to deal with people rushing him down other than guess parry or throw, has to catch people making big mistakes to do any big damage, can’t punish things hard after blocking them like the top tiers can…etc.


he has to work harder for less reward for the most part and he isn’t scary at certain ranges against many characters.

however i personally think he is pretty good vs. chun, and there is something to be said for that


he has to really work for ONE thing (c.HP, corner throw, headbutt, or certain block strings), if he can get that, he can win, but you really, really, really, really have to work for it, because the threat of that makes him powerful, hes gimp as fuck without aegis.


pretty much what rom said. he’s best when he gets some form of aegis set up/mix up going. its really hard to win without that.

with urien you play footsies to build meter, because ultimately you cant deal that much damage with just footsies. (not only does footsies build you meter, it also opens up opportunities for set ups using aegis ie: knockdown, or when you have them towards the corner) its all about aegis mix ups/set ups/controlling space using aegis.

dont get fixated on unblockables!


same as bison in SF4, can’t deal with rush and crossup.
if urien’s c.hp were as powerful as gills i’m sure urien would be a top tier.


Your 3P avator is awesome.


without aegis he sucks!! with aegis he sucks a little less and thats why you have to gain that meter and use it wisely (no random tackle EX aegis midscreen:yawn:)


or maybe the lack of pants…


what’s keeping him down are his weak startups and lack of a proper wake-up reversal.

most of his BnB combos rely on his slow cr.HP launcher, which is very difficult to connect, unless you have aegis reflector in handy to catch the opponent off-guard in terms of mixups and unblockables