Why Japanese Players always kick us out?

I swear, it happened to me like 95%…:annoy:

SF4 doesn’t require any chatting… why those Japanese users not willing to play with us??

Does it happen to u all?? let’s talk about how u think?:sweat:

Why accept a 1-bar game when there are plenty of green and yellow bar connections to be had?

Hell, I kick 1-bar games and I’m not Japanese, I just live here.

While inputting a combo, going to the fridge for a drink, and then coming back to see if the combo came out successfully is interesting, its not the Street Fighter I want to play.

Question really is, why you try to join a game that’s only one red bar? It still amazes me on Xbox live and PSN every time i see ‘Here Comes a New Challenger’ that 50% of them have a red bar and are mashing on ready. Those games suck mang, stop doing that.

why play anyone lower than 4 bars?

Bad connections are a good bet.

I would also think they prefer to avoid the foul mouthed americans. I’d imagine the racist comments aren’t exactly few and far between online, especially for the ones with gamertags written in kanji, kana etc.

You can’t get kanji or kana in your name, trust me, I know :3

You can have it all you want in your profile and stuff though.

You guys are a little… naive? immature maybe?

The bars are not accurate at all. I’ve had 3 bar lagfests, and 1 bar steady games. Most of the 2 bar fights are a better connection than 3 bar fights for me. 4 and 5 are usually non-deceptive, but 1-3 can be normal, spikey, or outright laggy regardless… I just can’t understand bar snobs…

Move to Japan if you wanna play people from Japan. Nobody wants to play lag fighter IV.

theres nothing to talk about dude. why the hell would u or anyone play 1 or 2 bar game… 3 is iffy 4 and 5 bars is better. pretty self explanatory

Yeah everyonce in a while I get surprised but let’s be real here, shit’s gonna lag if it’s 3 or less.

every time I see a one or two barred connection I just take Gief :tup:

Against my better wishes, I have given the 1 bars a shot. I have never had a good 1 bar game. Ever. It makes sense, considering there’s a whole ocean at least between me and whomever I’m playing.

Most of the people on my friends list are American, and sometimes when I get an invite I’ll join. It’ll be 1 bar, maybe 2, but its a friend so I play anyway. Its laggy. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a game where it was 1 bar but it ran smoothly.

I’ve tried it enough to come to the point where I don’t need to try it anymore. 1 bar games suck, and I don’t want to play them. That’s all there is to it.

Bar is a good guess, I still feel like they will kick u no matter what!

Are sure they’re even Japanese? My region shows Japan (changed for Japanese demos/kana), and you’d be getting nothing but an American scrub = p.

As far as bars go, I could only find 3 or less matches on my old router (NAT). If I was able to connect, it played just fine. Still, many aren’t willing to take the risk. I know, now with my green bar matches, I got picky. I won’t take any red bars (especially if it’s a championship match).

So yeah, may end up trying to connect to an American scrub that doesn’t want to play red bar too >X).

But yeah, try Koreans = p. I never had a problem with joining/hosting matches there.

Lol I like this… i will use Honda instead… slap the hell out there!

I’m actually surprised people have so many bad experiences with one bar games in SFIV. Living in Australia means I get a LOT of one bar matches, but almost all of them have been very very good with no noticable lag.

Is that mean Bar doesn’t matter? ><

for me, 1 bar is EVER = horrible lag.


like why would i spend 10 minutes searching for a non laggy game only to play against some fool that has a shitty connect to me but shows as 3 bars to waste 3 minutes of my life…?

lag gambling at best when playing 3 bars or under… no thanks.


im surprised nobody said troll yet…

I auto kick people having 3 bars or less, no point when the input delay can’t even let you punish lp shoryus, or for Blanka (your avatar), enough time to block the balls.