Why? Just why?

Why won’t my sweep connect out of any of my light tatsus? Like for instance, c.lp, cl.hp xx light tatsu xx c.hk and many more. Anyway… i don’t know if plinking and double tapping is needed or not on that combo, but its very irritating and pissing me off. So can someone help me?

It is both character specific and requires plinking if you expect any semblance of reliability.

Use search. There is an entire thread dedicated to tatsu > sweep.

It only works on specific characters, also post in faq section; don’t just create new threads.

You have to plink the the HK with MK, it makes the link a lot easier. Practice the motion against Dhalsim, Cammy, and Balrog. Those are the 3 easiest characters to land it on. Then move on to other sweepable characters like Sagat, Vega, Guy, Akuma, Cody, and etc.

yeah its a lot tougher on certain characters thats for sure