Why Kara TS.


I have been wondering about this lately. As I have seen some vids and read some junk.

I get the Kara TN and Kara uppercut. It ads a lot of forward movement to the attack.

But what is the use of the Kara TS. I was told its to get multiple fire balls on screen. But I haven’t seen anything like that in any vids.


To gain ground while throwing fireballs.


Is it just that. Because from what I have seen Sagat doesn’t travel much if at all when doing this. I haven’t tried it yet since I haven’t had a chance to play. So I’m just going off what the YouTube vids seemed to show. And would it simple be used to throw TS pressure while trying to close the gap. If so wouldn’t walking in throwing a TS work better.


Kara TS is really powerful, albeit weaker than it was in Vanilla. The idea is to shorten the amount of time that the opponent has between blocking the first and second fireballs, while allowing you to recover quicker. This scores chip damage, builds meter, pushes them back, and allows you to punish if they try anything funky.