WHY KEN!!!!!!!!



Ok idk how to read that retarded spoiler alert spam matchup thread since there are no names attached to the spoilers for eachone so idk what character the guy was talking about so im jsut gon ask here, does anyone know how to deal with a good ken that uses frame traps an max range pokes. b.c for the fukin life of me i cant do anything against kens that play like this since they are positive on almost EVERYTHING and ferget about winning in the air against him if he tatsus when he jumps every single time. so please any help at all would be VERY much appreciated.


Why don’t you ask in the matchup thread instead?


b.c im pretty sure no one is going to go looking through multiple pages for one question about ken. So i just made this quick post so its easily found. thnx for actually answering the question though…really…like i didnt think of what you said…


If you post on the matchup thread, your question will be on the latest page which can be found easier. Posting there also takes less effort than making a new thread.


ugh…it literally took maybe an extra 5 seconds to post a new thread, now if you dont mind. If you dont have actual advice for the match in the manner described please stop posting messages about how you would have put it in the match up thread…its getting a lil annoying.


Can you upload a video of you playing against Ken?


No worries man. Were just asking for next time you need help with a match up. That way we have one big page of match up help. Anywho, as Mingo said. Getting a vid with your game play will be the best for us to help you address the problem


sadly i do not have the capability to take matches from my game to pc but its fine, if anyone could take this down that would be nice as ive solved my problem, thnx for the last two comments though guys^^


Any type of recording device is actually fine as long as you can see what’s going on in the match.


How did you solve your problem? It didn’t sound like your problem was easy to solve, and some of us could use help in the Ken matchup as well.

edit: since you’re in Florida, are you going to CEO 2013?


For what it’s worth:


yeah in 2013 Ken will get a better walkspeed, s.lp ~ sweep combo and more damage on U1 (without animation), and Ibuki will lose hard knockdown on neckbreaker, sounds fair to me