Why KoF 2006 (MI2) rules your face off

It is because I love you that I’m here to preach the gospel of King Of Fighters to you.

Well, actually, who needs preaching when you have flashy videos?



And there you have it. You know you’re interested now.

Get on it!

(P.S. It’s on sale at GameStop right now, $15. Regulation A drop stateside not too long from now. Plenty of time left to practice up before Extravaganza 12 in November)

While I DO admit that KOF 2006 is a HUGE improvement over MI, IMO it still doesn’t hold a candle to the best the 2D KOFs have to offer. The combos there make the KOF 2002 MAX combos look like ABC and 123. :confused:

My problem with the 3D KoFs is that the presentation comes off as cheap compared to other 3D fighters.

what the fuck is the song used thar?

Yeah…it reminds me of the later Bloody Roar games. Maybe fun for a while but not really worth getting competitive in.

“Now You’re A Man” sung by Trey Parker (South Park creator) from the film Orgazmo (also made by the South Park creators).

I’m pretty sure Regulation A has NOT been confirmed for a stateside release. And its doubtful.

And I don’t see anything wrong with the presentation of this game. MI1 yes… MI2, no. Its much better than Bloody Roar. My main gameplay issue is the combos are too easy or something… like its a little too button mashy.

Pecan Pie + Pumpkin Pie >>> Fio + Mai > Apple Pie

This game is broken all you need to know is Terry’s F+FP,FP Buster Wolf = Mad Damage!! ( and all the brokeness Youtube hosts) !!