Why kof 98 for tourneys over other kof?

i’m just curious why kof98 is chosen out of all the kof games to be used in tournaments, noticeable sbo 5 and 6.
i dont play kof frequently, but i know usually its always the latest release of a game that is played competitively, what so special about kof98?

Are you okay? C’mon, get serious!

IMO it has the best combination of presentation and gameplay in the series (at least as far as the non-tag KOFs go)

because it isn’t south america

:rofl: :rofl:

Word is that it could be (currently one of)the best KOF and has a much favored cast(popular). That and no one likes/plays pre-98 or 99/2000/2001 and 03 any more. All that’s left are 98/02/XI. Possibly the best KOFs out of the entire series.

Real reasons:

  1. Despite all my complaints, it is the best balanced game of a widely imbalanced series.
    About 1/4 the cast is regularly used in tournies, and another 1/4 could be used.

  2. It has the most balanced gameplay between offense and defense (most KOFs are excessively tilted towards the offense)

  3. More popular cast

  4. It’s pirateable, unlike XI

KOFXII has a lot of potential to replace 98, IF the game plays well though. KOFXI will have a place if KOFXII doesn’t.

Why ST over Alpha2?

Better game overall, just the way it happens I guess?

Because '98 has the USA team in it

In addition to all of the stuff mentioned the Dream Matches get chosen to be played the most.

If SBO was in Latin America I guarantee KOF2002 would be chosen, but to tell you the truth overall like KOF2002 is more of a Latin American game, KOF98 is more of an ASIAN game…It has more popularity in Asian countries than in Latin American countries…though it is very popular in both lets put it like this…

The Best in the world in KOF98-China

The best in KOF2002 arguably in the World-Mexico.

Both games get far more play in their respective areas…

Neowave>98 and 2k2

I said it.

NeoWave is an underappreciated game…hopefully people seeing it at EVO World on youtube helps people see that…

lol i always wondered about this too,

kof 98 was like the first 2d fighting game i owned.

King of Fighters 98 was the first 2d fighting game I owned as well, too bad it was a burned copy. King of Fighters XI should be in tournaments too, I like the whole presentation of it.

****Because 98 kicks 2k2’s ass.

Neowave is an interesting KOF, although I have not really put much time into it or KOF 11 for that matter.

You answered yourself. KoF98 UM is the latest kof release. When it was not, KoF XI was at SBO, or other KoFs, or other games.

I love NeoWave but no one plays it.

No one plays Neowave in South America because there are no Atomiswave bootlegs.

No one plays Neowave in South America because people didn’t care about it. There was a Neowave cabinet in a popular arcade I frequent, always empty, while the 2k2 machines were as busy as always. People just didn’t see it as something different enough from 2k2 to care about it I guess.

That’s not just Neowave, that’s about every other game in existence (in the eyes of the South American players).