Why Lexan?

Why does almost everyone around here use Lexan for their sticks? From what I know of Lexan, it’s a polycarbonate that scratches very easily compared to acrylics. I’ve worked with it before, and it seems to randomly get scratched up just by exposure to air. Do you guys just plan for that and replace the Lexan, finish it with something I don’t know about, or what?

From what I understand from searching here, it is easier to drill than acrylics.

Acrylic breaks VERY easily. It’s much easier to work with a polycarbonate.

not only to work with while cutting, but in terms of durability on arcade machine, lexan is the way to go. the only down fall with lexan is that it can get foggy sometimes and isn’t as ‘glassy’ and see through as acrylic–but the payoff for durability is worth it.

Yes, lexan scratches easier - however I’ve used it on a couple of my sticks and the only place it’s getting a bit crusty (fogging) is directly underneath the dust guard around the stick. It really is just so much easier to work with - jigsawing, spade bit drilling, sanding, planing - you really can just treat it like wood.


Erf… these guys speak truth…

I’ve just gone through $25 worth of plexi… al of them cracked when I have to driill near the edge for the bolts. I think I’m going to find some clear vinyl or something at the local Pearl Paint.


If plexi is so hard to work with, why is it used? I think all the SFAC sticks for example use plexi.

Well, I got the thinnest kind. The stuff they have on the SFAC joysticks are like… half an inch thick? Not likely to break.

Hmm. Well, given how fast the Lexan sheets I’ve had around scratched up, I’m sort of leaning towards just doing something artistic with sheet metal and etching, maybe some copper or brass work, etc. Saves me the worry about the Lexan, I think, and will look really cool if I pull it off. :slight_smile:

If you’re going to be using your stick all the time it’s bound to get some wear no what it’s made of.

SFAC sticks use Plexi because they probably have some robot in China cutting it. You can cut it if you use precise tools but for us we’ll crack it.

There is such a thing as HARD LEXAN also, this do not scratch as easily.

Hard Lexan, eh? That’s a possibility, given that the metalwork I’m thinking of having done is going to cost an arm and a leg, though I do have a friend with a machine shop. I’ll have to see what comes of it.

Another idea was to do the “Steampunk Arcade Stick” style, based on http://steampunkworkshop.com/ and such.