Why Limb Based Combat is superior to other input systems in fighters

I can explain this as best I can. It can be difficult, seeing as how complex Tekken’s combat system is, but I’ll do my best.

Take a game like Virtua Fighter. Or Tobal. In VF you get 2 attack buttons(punch and kick) and a block button. In Tobal you get 3 attacks(high, mid, low) and a block button. Now let me explain why both systems are flawed compared to Tekken’s limb system.

Virtua Fighter: The problem with this system is it’s extremely limited. Unlike Tekken, you can’t control which limb you want to attack with. Punch is a generic punch, same for kick. You can only get different variations by having to mix the block button with either of the two attack buttons, which is very limiting. In Tekken, Law can choose what fist he wants to use to punch and start a combo with, in VF you are at the game’s mercy, you have to pray the game uses the limb that you want. You have no control.

Tobal: Oh boy is this a piece of work. Ok so they decided to give ya 3 attacks, high mid and low. Right away I spot the problem. In Tekken you have to discover what attacks hit at different heights, adding to the depth of the game. In Tobal the game flat out tells you what height to use via the buttons. Ah did he duck? Time to hit the low attack button. Ah he’s standing, time to hit high or mid. See how shallow that is? Where’s the discovery? In Tekken you don’t get buttons telling you what attack hits at what height, you figure it out on your own and it’s so satisfying. Tobal is designed with a scrub mentality, someone who can’t be arsed to find out for themselves what heights an attack would affect, so they just make the attack buttons designed entirely to tell people that. It’s just…

I won’t even get into SF and other games that use this archaic “light/medium/hard” attack nonsense. You really need the game to hold your hand and tell you what attacks hit hard or not?

This is why Tekken is the best fighting game competitively, and is the only fighting game truly worthy of the title of a 21st century title, with its highly advanced Superior Limb Based System of Combat, and deep oki and movement system which no fighter yet has managed to compete with. Tekken is truly in a league of its own.

Well, MK9 has a limb based system, so I guess I agree

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Don’t you get tried of making this thread? Nobody’s taking you seriously, especially when you’re talking shit about Tobal and VF, and making comparisons to games that are in a completely different realm of gameplay. There’s a reason why there’s two SF/Tekken crossover games; because the way both franchises play are like apples and oranges.

Also, I don’t think you know the definition of limb-based combat. What you’re describing is limb-based controls. Outside of choosing which arm/leg you want to attack with, limbs don’t have any other significance. Everything is still various degrees of high, mid, and low, just like VF and Tobal. Your argument of less buttons limiting the controls is weak, and you can’t even begin to know how deep Tobal goes to be making any opinions about that game.

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if you are SO certain tekken is the best why discuss it? go play it.
we don’t necessarily disagree with you, your opinion just makes no sense.

I agree.

But I propose that tekken does not go far enough.


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