Why Living In America Pisses Me Off

Americans make me sick.
That’s not wrong to say, because Americans make themselves sick.
I diagnose myself differently.
The distribution of wealth is uneven here.
It makes you delusional.
The wealthiest want you to believe that you can belong.
They know the truth.
You’re the only ones that don’t.
Everyone wants to be more than they are.
No one is.
Everyone is what they are.
No one wants to admit it.
The middle class want to be high class.
The low class want to be middle class.
Some of the middle class make it to high class, but just barely.
Some of the low class make it to high class, and only fool people more.
There is no way for you to win.
Thomas Jefferson said that the blood of patriots should fertilize the soil of democracy every twenty years.
The last time American blood fertilized our soil was 150 years ago, and it was over the right to keep black people in chains.
You can say what you want about the Civil War being fought over states’ rights, but it was about the states’ rights to own slaves.
The Confederacy was seeking to violate our founding principle:
All men are created equal.
The founding fathers never intended for those words to give equal rights to blacks.
All the more reason to fight.
No one deserves to be placed under anyone else.
In our current America, that’s all that happens, to blacks and whites alike.
And the Mexicans.
Don’t ever forget the Mexicans.
They’ve been here as long as anybody.
Almost as long as the Native Americans.
We call them Native Americans, because it’s our polite way of acknowledging that they were here first, but that they still need to live somewhere else.
On reservations.
We “reserved” part of this country for the people that first occupied it.
How nice of us.
We are all full of shit.
I’m not just saying that about the people in charge.
Every last one of us is full of shit, because we allow the people in charge to stay there.
They own every piece of your life, and you roll over and take it directly up the ass.
How pathetic is the modern American?
More than you’ll ever admit.
You think youtube and facebook and twitter make you connected and informed.
They have disconnected and misinformed more than anything.
They are the most efficient way to spread lies.
No one sees it.
The worst thing you could do to the people in charge is to disconnect.
Take away the ways to track you.
Stop them from spying.
Take away their stethoscope on the American pulse.
See how quickly things start to fall apart.
They’re as dependent on electronics as we are at this point.
Even more, because we use them for entertainment, while they use them for control.
Go off the grid.
Tell the government to keep their hands off your genitals.
If you really think that you can get online and check your favorite sites without federal monitoring, then I’m not talking to you.
I’m talking to the people who understand that they’re watching every move you make.
Could you play chess if your opponent was able to read your mind?
But you’d lose every time.
That’s what we’re doing.
They know us, through and through.
They poll us endlessly, trying to divulge public opinion.
They know how to spin what they do to best appeal to the widest segment of the American public.
The United Stupidity of America.
We are all idiots, because we let them put us in a corner.
They own us.
Body, soul, bank account, and myspace account.
They know everything about you.
How do you feel safe?
How do you sleep at night?
They’re watching the words I type on this screen as I type them, because the Patriot Act gave them total control over essentially everything.
I won’t say that Bush knew that September 11th was going to happen, the same way I won’t say that FDR knew that Pearl Harbor was going to happen.
It’s not like either of their non-actions kick-started our involvement in a war.
All I’m saying is don’t trust what they tell you.
Their entire job consists of keeping their job.
They don’t give a flying filthy fuck about you or your well-being.
They’ll stuff decent, innocent Americans into a prison in Cuba, just because they can.
They don’t deserve to be trusted.
I’m asking you to distrust them.
I’m asking you to misbehave.
When they move to shut down the mild misbehaviors, the wild misbehaviors should take their place.
Stand up for your brothers.
The last time American blood spilled on American soil against the government, whites and blacks fought together against whites that wanted to take away the freedom of blacks.
Some of those whites didn’t even believe in the freedom of blacks, but did it because their president told them to preserve the nation.
Americans have been brainwashed for too long.
Let me repeat.
White people who believed that slavery wasn’t wrong still died because their government asked them to do it.
Black people who knew the wrongs of slavery died because their white, slave-owning government asked them to do it.
White people who believed that slavery was wrong died because their government asked them to do it to preserve slavery.
Black people that knew that slavery was wrong died because their government whipped or worked them to death.
Too many Americans died for the wrong reasons.
That was the last time we had an honest revolution.
A true disagreement.
It’s time to take this to arms.
They’re trying to make slaves of everyone.
Black, Brown, White.
And the Asians.
And the Indians.
And the Arabs.
And the Pacific-Islanders.
Whatever name they’ve placed on you to convince you that you’re not truly American.
It’s time to come together and give them the biggest middle finger possible.
And the wrong end of a rifle.
No one tells us what to do.
We’re American.
Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, asked us to spill patriotic blood every twenty years.
We owe him ten revolutions at this point.
Let’s start with one.

I’m not from America, but when I read the first line, “Americans Make Me Sick”. I did not wish to read any more of your post, because I knew it would be rude, and a waste of my time. Go write a hate speech somewhere else.

It sucks to be everywhere, true story.

solution: Buddhism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yeah, I mean, you could go ahead and write hate speeches like this and stuff, and try to start some sort of revolution, or you could sit there peacefully, and enjoy the things you do have.

If you would have bothered to read the second line, you might have been convinced to move forward.

Since you didn’t read it, I really don’t give a fuck what you think.

Sorry for being “rude.”

It was a speech against hate, and for the true spirit of America.

I don’t expect a Canadian to understand it.

I especially don’t expect an idiot Canadian to understand it.

(btw I love most Canadians)

(Jeeebs represent!)

Not caring probably will make you live longer.

No, trust me, I read your whole tirade, and I really don’t see why you’re calling me an idiot, you aren’t making yourself look like a very nice person. You seem to really hate the American government. You also think they’re spying on you, and you seem extremely paranoid. I recommend you calm down before you go through with your 15th check today to see where the cameras are hidden in your house. Just because I am half-canadian, half-american, and live here in Canada. Does not mean I have an entirely different mindset. North America is pretty much one country, Canada’s government follows nearly everything that America’s does. I guess you could say we’re all being “spied on”. I particularly don’t give a damn if the government is looking at what I’m doing, you know why? I’m not looking up Child Porn, or dealing cocaine online. It doesn’t matter to me if the government knows what movies I like, or who I want to see in MvC3. You’re complaining about classes and that as well. What do you mean by winning? You say, everyone wants to be high class, is being high class winning? I don’t see what you’re trying to say here. Everyone should magically become rich? Or everyone should magically become poor? That’s your remedy? I’m sorry but from that speech, you just sound like the 43249058th overly paranoid conspiracy theorist.

I agree, but it will also make you live lesser.

The second you cede control, you stop controlling your life.

If I say that Buddhism has already said everything that I can possibly say, then I’ve given up.

I won’t.

Just because certain religious devotions have laid similar claims to mine does not make my claims irreligious or untrue.

It means that I’m trying to reach beyond what people have laid before me.

That is the entire point of my post.

If you don’t get it, I don’t care.

If you don’t understand, I don’t care.

I wrote it for whoever does.

No one more.

I feel that there is something deeper to address.

I think that Americans (who are not primarily Buddhist, or even a large portion Buddhist), will not understand that they are being deceived.

If your solution to my post is that all Americans become Buddhist, then you are simplifying what I wrote, and simplifying yourself.

And I refuse to respond to it.

Okay I’m done with this thread, I’m not going to even go into this further, you just keep writing poems. Have fun.

your style of writing

pisses me off

real talk

You should try Haiku’s
They are not tl:dr
And they are more fun.

cry baby on web,
talks shit about USA,
I didn’t read it.

Even though my first reaction on topic title was something like “Duhuh!” I’m not going into this. And neither should you have.
It’s not the place.

“You think youtube and facebook and twitter make you connected and informed.” no i dont sorry

I did.

I wasn’t.

OP cried while watching Avatar

Living in America is great
We have American football
A real sport of epicness
The rest of the world
soccer. why must these people steal our word for our sport

god the rest of the world pisses me off

If you fruits are going to imitate my writing, at least make your lines end with periods.

Real talk.

Maybe y’all are right.

This isn’t the place.

Roll cancel X bapes X lmao X FADC THAT SHIT

Fuck y’all if you don’t get it.

And if you think I’m writing poems, fuck you twice as hard.


Leave then?