Why Madcatz made for us Evo TEs

Madcatz has recently announced to help the crew at Evo with money, as well as giving us the special top eight SSFIV Evo 2010-themed TE fightsticks. Why is this?

Personally, I think because we’ve probably bought and fried so many of their convenient common ground 360 PCBs, or the uberly ultimately moddable SE and TE sticks.

And maybe because we haven’t found a way around padhacking their pads or using their stock TE/SE PCBs on the 360, they’re onto us, pressing for a 360-powered Evo.

But that’s just my conspiracy theory. Any thoughts?

…try "because they’re a sponsor"

And stop it with this “360 powered evo” nonsense. Evo will never be on 360. Ever.

This guy is on drugs.

That would give him a valid excuse, I think he is just being silly.

Yeah, I don’t believe your conspiracy theory, considering they are a fucking sponsor.

Wow…just wow.