Why Makoto can't do

why Makoto can’t do hcb+k, when she jump back??
if she can do that special when she jump back, how is game is change???..=)

Me no know.

Are you talking about doing a backward tigerkneed karakusa? I have no idea if that works… if it did that’d be buff as hell… unthrowable karakusa… (Superjump canceled into karakusa).

Works with Alex’s flash chop…

she no fly!!

i’m sorry i’m a bit confused. what is everyone talking about. superjump cancel karakusa?!? what move would you be superjump cancelling off of? and why into a command grab? how does this work like alex’s flash chop?

sorry guys!! I mean “tsurugi” (hcb+k) when she jump back…=)

ok so you mean qcb+k. she can’t do that cause it’d be just too awesome.

Makoto’s a glitch in the game. That’s why.

A jump back tsurugi would be AWESOME. I have no idea why they didn’t put it in the game.

actually, i think she would probably get hit before it came out anyway

I guess realistically she wouldn’t be able to swing her momentum that way. Just picturing it seems physically awkward.

Most awesome response ever.

QFT. Stumble on the English language FTW. :tup:

if it’s like yun’s divekick, you might be able to jumpback->parry, tsurugi?
me no know, indeed.