Why Mame 0.117...


Online everyone uses Mame 0.117. I don’t really care generally which versions but 0.117 is the version where I lag like hell in games. I generally use 0.119.

So why people use it? Its just plain dumb to have a laggy version used by everyone… I don’t get it.

And I’m sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum, I don’t know where to ask this…


People are too stubborn to move on. Once they got the version that worked even half-assedly they stop caring about updates.


0.119 sucks too

mame + server-based kaillera just sucks for online in general


What other choice do I have?

I need something computer related in the first place. I can’t play with anything else but a keyboard.

I’m playing 3rd Strike, by the way.


:u: nFBa P2P… dood:


The thing is good thanks, but finding people to play is a mess. Is there any channel to meet 3rd Strike players or I just need to wait until someone mysteriously appear to play…?


#SRKKaillera @ irc.prizon.net
Just click on the chat button and make it look like this:

:wonder: A lot of good players there… dood.


stop directing people to an IRC channel where most people just idle

http://2dfighter.com/ or http://ggpo.net FFS.
use both actually!