Why Must Capcom Overshadow This Game Once Again?

So I just read the news about SSFIV coming out in “Spring 2010”. With the supposed release of TvsC sometime in January 2010, what is Capcom thinking?

Is it just me or does Capcom not give a shit? Whether we like to admit it or not, one of the main factors that people didn’t pick this game up was due to SFIV being far more hyped up and having a more general crowd.

In the end, I doubt this game is going to take off at all now:xeye:

What Capcom game hasn’t had a large following?


Eh? Capcom is contributing to the fighting game revival and went to a lot of risky trouble to make sure we have this game.

They’re even updating it in arcades… unlike another popular series that Capcom makes.

I hope this thread gets axed.

i posted this in another thread. ha ha. yeah, tvc will once again get out shined. tvc dropped, and then two months later sf4 dropped, and every asshole praised it as a better game until a year later, and everyone has problems with that piece of crap, including myself. so now, they drop the super version, and so far even im very very interested. oh well, i think with improved balance in this game and new characters, the old players will definitely play, and it will still attract new ones.

i just expect everyone who has been playing consistently or even on and off since the game dropped, to be top 8 at evo next year if we get this on the big screen.

All I care for is that TvC doesn’t get (quietly) axed at EVO 2K10 like it did @ EVO2K9. Running my own tourney for TvC was nice, but I would have like to see some TvC action on the big screen.

Yeah, even though I can’t even attend EVO it would be nice if it didn’t get axed this time.

They are?

Javid, ur looking at this the wrong way…

SSF4 isnt getting an arcade release (alot of SF4 players are pissed:arazz:)
but TvC update is!!! (TvC casual players CELEBRATE!!!)


TvC arcade re-release is gonna be very popular in Japan, therefore Evo2k 10 will have TvC
thow SF4 came out First…& a new version is on the way

I seriously think TvC will be as popular as MvC2

I hope so! I would definitely like to see TvC with a bigger crowd at EVO, and with the true American release in our hands, then it can’t be ignored!

I remember reading an article somewhere that said it was going to get an update because it was really, really easy to update the cabinets (since it uses the exact same hardware). I’ll keep looking for it.

The Vs. Series, and the SF series cater to two distinct crowds. And for those who dig both, more than likely, if they have the means, they will get both.

I’ve been curious about this as well. Any luck on finding the article?

It seems that there’s a mention of the word “Arcade” in Niitsuma’s blog at the official site. Anyone care to translate?

I just skimmed it, but the one time I saw him say “arcade” he was saying that CGH was in Arcades and on Wii, and it did well, so they decided to try overseas with UAS, no mention of a UAS arcade version.