Why no GGPO tourneys?

I see more 2DF tournaments these days then GGPO. What gives?

i would run some normal tournaments on ggpo but then spectators would murder the games…just think of the grand finals =\

i mean after the grand finals are done on 2df about 10-15 ppl watch it…imagine just spectating on ggpo

but if there’s ever an option to play without spectators ill run some on there

If one of the players playing a game on GGPO disconnects from the lobby you cannot spectate their game.

the main reason is because west coast cannot play east coast without lots of rollbacks. there are exceptions but yeah…

yea but its not like someone can like force themselves to disconnect right??? or could someone just x out the GGPO main chat window and the job is done??

if that works then ill probably run a team tournament sometime down the road for just americans…we’ll see how it turns out…there some strong players on ggpo so it should be a great tournament hopefully

That is the way it works. Close GGPO’s window and there you have it: a match that disappears from the list of current matches.


because 2DF doesn’t have black bars, spectator lag, random lag for no reason, frame loss, and doesn’t eat up a shit ton of memory…

All you need to do is close the GGPO chat window and nobody can spectate your game.

Well another nice bonus is having replays to verify outcomes, see matches, etc. I think really it’s just because for most people 2DF is more convenient.

Dream Battle Online - New League for GGPO/2DF/P2P coming soon

Team and solo leagues/ladders HYYYYYYYPE!

Check ggpo forums. I’m sure they ran a few in the past couple of months.

Your late. We went through a period where there was sometimes two and three tounaments everyday in the ST room for like a month. daytime, afternoon and late night tournys.


@ Nica KO

what we used to do is have the players conect and we annouced the finals and let everyone get their asses in befor the match started. That way everyone could watch the finals live together and not interfear with the match.

There’s more games than 3S.

And GGPO runs them all better than 2DF.

same thing happened with a2 when it was active. pretty much its bc ur late on the scene. plus now that hdr is out alot of the hosts went there including myself

hey dj, your ken is ace:)
Then where are they now if Im late?

yea i was thinkin the same thing but then you know there might be some ppl who just show up during the match either cuz they didnt know about it or just cuz they tryin to be smartass…but if i do run one which will be with Mirc (just due to the fact that i can msg ppl there) itll be easier to get ppl to there games as well…ill run one sometime in the future

Tell me more about this, please. Are you doing this alone or is it a community project?

only 3s players care so much for online tourneys… and they’re all packing 2DF

i’d rather wait for damdai to finish his on-the-fly bracket system… it’s too much of a hassle right now to signup and keep tracking of your opponents.

daily ranbats are way better.


ggpo runs the cps2 games way better and 2df runs the cps3 games way better

Nobody cares about jojo on ggpo (unfortunately), so I am still right.