Why no love for Alpha 3?

yeah its old but still a great game

theres no scene for it the same reason theres no kof

Cause the only alpha 3 we see are people posting these silly threads over and over. The only thing great about it is that noone plays it anymore so there’s noone to go to your village and CC timeout perfect you.

Cause even if they ran it, your scrubbyass still wouldn’t go to it.

Didn’t there end up being a big argument over Alpha 3 last year before Evo? I think that’s what it was, not sure though. When was the last year it was even in Evo(if it ever was)?

Evo 2k2 US vs Japan: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-7204.html

There is always a big argument about A3, although the argument about A3 usually has better comp,turnout,skill, and excitement than any resulting A3 tournaments. It might be better to keep it that way

In case anyone wasn’t paying attention: Apoc played A-Balrog, Ino played V-Zangief, and Tokido (who is not listed for whatever reason) played A-Dhalsim.

  1. theres hardly any a3 cabinets left in the arcades
  2. no direct port from the arcade. until capcom ever decide to re-release a3 as a bundle with the rest of the alpha games, chances are most people wont be able to play this game.
  3. the game looks ugly asthetic wise. yes, it shouldnt affect whether or not this game should be allowed in evo, but its a turn off to the newer generation. i personally dont mind the graphics.

We have an alpha 3 cabinet at an arcade near me and absolutely nobody plays on it. It’s a fucking quarter to play and still nobody. At least CvS2 and T5 are always packed. MvC2 is always empty too. Sick thing is another arcade closer to me has 3s and I’m the ONLY one who ever plays it, so sadly they will probably get rid of it just like Guilty-Gear and SvC.

if thats the case you may be able to buy those games from those arcades ^.^

Just to answer the second question, Alpha 3 has never been at evo except for the 5 on 5 US vs Japan exhibition which is mentioned above.

If, however, you consider Evolution 2K2 the same thing as B6, then the last time A3 was featured was at the B5 tournament in which BAS beat everyone down.

While I like the game, there is no scene for ir. Where I live(NJ) You cannot find a cabinet ANYWHERE. Not even close to where I live. I assume that the rest of the country is probably the same.

Nice! Someone just gave me a negative today for something I posted 3 years ago. Way to go!

we have a direct port now, don’t we?

You mean the one that was released a year after his post?


TS: do you know if theres input delay on alpha anthology?
i know that the changing certain dipswitches makes a3 near arcade perfect but im wondering if theres anything else wrong with aa

I honestly haven’t played AA in like a year, but I remember feeling some input lag at the time. I’ve actually started thinking that maybe it was just me, since i haven’t really heard anything about it from anyone else.

Yeah, I get no input lag. Everything seems to work fine.

Not true.

Mid-last year, I ran an Alpha 3 tournament - no other game, just Alpha 3 - at the place I was working at, and plenty of people showed. To lots of people, myself included, it’s the best Street Fighter game ever made. I share the OP’s confusion. (Despite the date of his post)

Damn this thread owns
For those that are asking why no love for a3, where were you when alpha anthologies was released for ps2? There’s also a alpha 3 tourney at frxi on arcade cabinet so yeah get hype or something. Ill sure as hell I will be entering.