Why No Team Battles?

You would think that would be the most competitive aspect for AE, but everytime I look for a team battle there is never one available. What gives yo??

I know, it’s probably because you have to wait a lot, and if the first guy in your team is always winning, it will never be your turn :smiley: sooo this is why most guys don’t play that mode. I personally like that mode, but as you said, nobody plays it ^^

Sry for my english, german guy here :smiley:

Hold up hold up. Are you referring to the XBL Team Battle?

I meaned PC (GFWL)

Yes xbl

WTF. I was told not long ago that the XBL Team Battle is always crowded -_- It would have been the only reason I’d get a 360 and play AE there.

Because people don’t like to sit and watch. They want to play their matches and not really watch other people play them. Plus fighting games have mostly revolved around winning with your own skills and not relying on your teammates to win out for you.

True but it would be good for online competiti on imo

What’s good for online competition is being able to play matches as quickly as possible so you get the most actual play time within a given time period. Basically:

Playing > Watching.

What about Tournament Mode? Is it popular on the XBL, or is it dead too?


Me and a buddy made a team lobby and no one joined for 15 minutes so we just left. = / Mode seems like a lot of fun.

Damn. If that’s the case, then maybe Capcom needs to remove both Tournament Mode and Team Battle from the game.

no they should keep them and probably tweak them for the update. BRING BACK CHAMPIONSHIP MODE

Yeah they better tweak them real good for people to have interest again, otherwise there’s no point. I welcome the addition of championship mode.

Yeah I honestly loved Chanpionship Mode in Vanilla. The big numbers and greater sense of progression made it more fun to me. Plus once you got to the higher ranks you would start to meet some pretty good players.