Why not 100%?

Hello all, this is my first post. I thought I’d ask a simple question and share some thoughts. Due to my n00bness :sweat: I can’t consistently hit the Kara-Strong Fukiage for the 100% stun combo so I was trying some other variants. My question is, does the Kara-Strong Fukiage does more stun than a normal Strong Fukiage or even a Fierce Fukiage? Because I can consistently hit the following combos but they don’t add up to 100% stun (at least not against Chun, who I’m training with):

Karakusa >> Fierce xx SAII -> Dash -> Strong Fukiage -> EX Fukiage
or the same one but with Fierce Fukiage,
Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> Fierce Fukiage -> EX Fukiage

You can replace the ending EX Fukiage with an EX Oroshi too, I’ve hit it a couple of times.

Thanks in advance for the comments and tips!

ex fukiage does less stun than normal ones.

Ahhh… that’s it then.

cant you super jump cancel the ex fukiage into jumping fierce punch for the 100%?

I was now trying a Fierce Oroshi after the first Fukiage to see if it hits, I like your suggestion though, if I can pull it off then that plus the Karakusa->Fierce of the next combo will fill up my bar again and let me try my hand at the 100% Damage :lovin:

Does this really work? I can’t get the kara-fukiage either and a 100% variant would be really useful =/

i think that after the first fukiage, you can only juggle with one more hit. there are variants in resets and stuff… but im too lazy to list them… and they’re not too reliable.

Well after SAII I know you can tsurugi followed by two hayates, so that’s three hits. Wouldn’t the two fukiages just be 2?

I still haven’t tried the SuperJump cancel, I hope it works though. Either way, after landing the EX Fukiage you have them on the ground and even a c.LK will stun them, so working with her mixup options almost always turns out a 100% stun and another full bar. Not as elegant? Maybe, but practical as hell!

brilliantnaoki- just try it. after you hit sa2, fukiage, ex fukiage; right after the EX-dp hits, “[#] hit super art” pops up, meaning that the combo is over. you can’t make a direct comparison with tsurugi since it has different properties.

personally, i think that the ex-fukiage is a waste of meter, unless you’re in an end-game situation or something special. it gives a tiny bit more stun and like 3 points more damage than sa2,mp fukiage,sj. fierce… for that chunk of meter. i guess a main advantage would be that it leaves you right on top of them, wheras the sj.fierce hits them across the screen, making that last bit of stun a little more difficult…

edit for mashf3st: i just meant a waste of meter in the case of this particular combo :sweat:

Ex fukiage is amazing on wakeup…If you hit.

So what is the best SAII juggle minus the kara-fukiage? Right now I always do fierce fukiage followed by sj. fierce but I can never get the last bit of stun on them.

unless i want to be flashy, or am desperate for something (or i feel good about getting 100% stun on a particular day)… i just stick to these. if the opponent is about to die, i use #2. otherwise, i stick with #1.

stolen from haunts’ stickied thread:

  1. Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> MP Fukiage -> Super Jump -> HP
    This combo inflicts quite a bit of stun on your opponent.

  2. Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Jump -> MK Tsurugi -> MP Hayate -> FP Hayate
    This combo inflicts quite a bit of damage on your opponent.

don’t be too hasty about getting the “last bit of stun”. feel them out and see how they act in this pressure situation. usually they’ll stop taking ANY risks, so you have some freedom to be creative. :wgrin:

The 100% stun variant I use is a direct jack from J.
Karakusa>>HP xx SAII->Dash->FP Fukiage->Super jump towards-> RH
The jump towards roundhouse at the end put you closer to the opponent after so you can dash up in front or dash behind the opponent to get the last bit of stun. I usually do another karakusa or Cr.Lk xx Lp hayate. You can bait the DP by doing nothing after the Rh than dash up karakuse for 100%

With the mp hayate, fp hayate ender, sometimes I can’t seem to get even sort of close with the fp version. Does this have to do with characters I’m juggling, or do I just not do it quite the same everytime?

try lp hayate

after Abare, you have to do superjump mk.tsurugi pretty late in order to connect mp.hayate => hp.hayate

when near corner, in this combo I usually go for a c.HK instead of the last hp.hayate. damage seems pretty much the same, stun is (maybe) better, and they land on their feet ready to be mixupped :lovin:

You’re probably better off just going for a nuetral throw for the last bit of stun,

yeah prob lol. I can beat Alex players now! Now good Urien’s are another story…