Why not get the Hori EX2?

I’ve currently been trying to hunt down a 360 stick for SF4. I plan on getting a 360 and the whole setup once i can confirm a good stick.

I had been mainly looking for the HrapEX. But I can’t seem to find one other than on VGC(which looks shady, and that thread that was made, yeah).

So, I heard that mainly because the stick is kinda “sticky” on the EX2, not so smooth movement?

Is this true? Why not use the EX2 as opposed to the TE or SE sticks (other than the sanwa parts for the TE).

to me when i got to play with the SE stick it just over all felt better. BOth sticks were stock but i really like the design and the feel/weight of the SE stick, feels much more comfortable imo.

i had a ex2 before my TE stick… the only problem with the ex2 was the buttons were not as sensitive… sometimes i would hit a button on the side on the ex2 and it would not register…

The EX2 is also a bitch to mod, if you want to go down that route in the future.

  1. Difficult to mod.
  2. Buttons are of poor quality and are directly soldered onto the PCB.

I should’ve probably been more clear on what I was asking, sorry.

Basically im talking about as far as playability.

I’m looking to get into custom stick building, but I wanna do it when i have more knowledge. I basically just need a stick to tie me over, that WON’T break on me right away, until I can:
A) Make my own, for the greater good of man
B)Buy a better one.

I would REALLY like to get into modding and stick building it actually interest me but for now i need to just feed my SF4 hype craving.

  1. it’s garbage compared to many other sticks. :tdown: guess its a good intro stick though.

the EX2 isnt horrible. its definitely useable and its not on x-arcade levels of bad. anyways heres 2 reasons not to get an ex2:

  1. moddability. you say you want to get into modding well it takes a lot of effort to mod this thing. also eventually youre going to want to change the buttons and stick anyways since it doesnt handle wear and tear well (as in the buttons and stick are going to start getting unresponsive).

  2. cost. for the same amount of money you can get a SE right? those are infinitely easier to mod and are “better” than the EX2 stock (of course not as good as a modded one).

of course, if you absolutely cant find anything else then yeah i guess it works if you really need a stick. theres a huge thread on modding this thing so youll have all the help you need getting real arcade parts in there.

Im just basically going to get into stick building customs for myself. I don’t plan to mod any of the sticks I have, nor the EX2. I just need something that isn’t absolute trash basically. haha

Just something to play on live with, practice at home, etc.
Then for like tournies or something I can then custom build a PS3 stick for that when i get enough knowledge on stick building.

Everything people have talked about so far.

  1. Modding: It is much more difficult to mod than a SE, TE, or HRAP EX. The buttons are directly soldered onto the PCB. To mod it you would need a solder and soldering experience.

  2. Quality: The buttons and stick are stock HORI parts, and are considered lower quality parts in comparison to Sanwa or Seimatsu, but about the same as MadCatz stock parts (used in the SE).

  3. Cost: At this point in the time you probably won’t be finding an EX2 at its retail price, which is where it is a decent value. With more and more sticks are popping up periodically and some places do have HRAPs and other sticks available for pre-order. If cost is not an issue you might as well go out and pay to get a higher quality stick.

I used the tekken 5 stick without a problem. That has stock parts, no?
If thats the case then I should be fine.

Go ahead and get it. It’s not your Daigo or anything and need perfect precise inputs. The EX2 will be fine for you and hopefully when it dies, this Street Fighter craze will die down and the HRAP will be at a normal price again.

I got an EX2 a month or so ago as my first stick. It was going at a non-stupid price so I jumped at it. It’s good enough if it’s your first stick I think. I’m finishing a custom in the next few weeks but this has kept me more than going, although having never used a stick before I have no frame of reference.

I’m not sure if you will experience the same with other sticks but I have definitely noticed wear in this short time. The stick is just plain not as responsive anymore and the buttons are pretty loose now. I don’t know how the SE is but I don’t think you can really go wrong with the EX2 if it’s temporary.

Thats all i’m hoping for, and like I said, I plan to build a PS3 stick for evo next year or whatever. But I need to actually get the game first and practice at home somehow. haha

fuck me, i’m getting a SC4 ps3 stick tomorrow ;\

I’ve got the Hori EX2 since Virtua Fighter 5, used it through SC4 and over 120 hours with SF4. To me its a good solid stick. It was able to withstand my frustration and pounding the stick. Although I did have to change out one of the microswitch.

Overall, its a good cheap alternative to the more expensive sticks out there.

I got 2 of my Hori Ex2 since Virtua Fighter 5, and so far one button on joystick isn’t responsive. The other joystick has a directional problem. Sometimes I cannot press right. Either way I kinda screwed since I don’t know how to mod.

I’ve had no problems with my EX2. It’s a decent stick but a bitch to mod as everyone else has said as the buttons are directly soldered to the PCB. Switching the square gate in it for a Sanwa octogate is easy enough. You just need to drill a few holes into it.

Toys R Us had these in stock (in Dallas) at retail price $60. I almost bought one out of desperation, however the next day I finally found my TE:lovin: