Why not make Super the tournament Standard?

While AE is still fairly new, so far the consensus is that overall, Super was the better balanced game.

So…why don’t we just play Super then?

I’m being serious here, please hear me out. As far as I can tell, the only reason we are playing AE right now is because it’s the latest version, and it’s what the Japanese top players are playing. In Japanese arcades, AE doesn’t have a “Play regular Super SFIV” option so if they want to keep up with the arcade tournament standard, they kind of have to play AE.

But that doesn’t matter to non-Japanese gamers. We don’t even have arcades anymore. And why should we care what the Japanese are doing? Either way, major western tournaments such as EVO will be run on console. On console we can choose to play Super or AE. So again, if Super is the better game, why play AE?

In order for this to work, we would have to as a community come to a consensus that we wanted to play Super over AE. If tournament organizers picked Super over AE, most other players would get on board with that. While some players would be unhappy (sorry Makoto fans), if Super is really the better game I feel a change like this would be better overall.

I also feel that the Japanese could eventually get on board with this. Back when there was no AE, they were slowly but surely making the transition. They were playing online more, organizing console tournaments, and coming to tournaments overseas.

Obviously we should let a little time pass and see how things eventually pan out in AE before making a decision such as this. For now I just wanted to bring up the possibility and perhaps start some discussion about it. If given the choice, I would probably pick Super over AE.

Sup Azrael!

For now I wanna see how AE develops and after the recent rumors and statements of S-Kill I think AE might still be open to small revision and tweaks to further please the community. How would you feel about an ST style AE where you can pick the version of your character? Like AE Makoto vs. Super Abel etc. in some cases it would even be a strategic decision rather than picking just the best version of the character (like Cammy for one).

All of that because of 2 characters?

I’d say just ban those 2 characters.

it would be a possibility, but in order to get everyone on board with something like that, you’d have to be able to prove that the twins were broken. kinda like damdai proving hdr akuma was busted.

and from an early look, the twins are strong but not broken

i think you would also have to be able to have some way of proving that there are more characters worse off in AE than they were in super. makoto wasnt the only low tier to get some upgrades, and there are several characters that will fare better overall because of other characters becoming weaker

You know, the funny thing is, everywhere, people going “The Twins are broke, the twins are broke” but honestly, every single one of them are referring to Yun. I highly doubt 95% of people who say the Twins are broke could give reasons why Yang is just as powerful as Yun, so don’t get it twisted, most people want to do away with Yun, and probably don’t even know what Yang can do.

I doubt this will ever take off but as the above said. Everyone just complains about Yun. What about players who want to use Yang, E.ryu and Oni? You cant use them in super.
I didn’t hear this much complaining about vanilla sagat. =/

Back in vanilla there’s no alternative, either you stick with SF4 or go back to your years old SF33/ST. The other fighting games back then were just garbage.

Now this game (SF4 series) have been out for 3.5 years and there are other major fighting games around. People need hype to get it going and obviously the twins are pretty much anti-hype.

I agree. balance is fucked in this game and even ono admitted it… Super has decent balance.

I support this.

Could be interesting, but I am a fan of keeping things simple. I’d rather just have the one version of the character personally.

Yeah, picking Super over AE would definitely have its disadvantages. The 4 new characters, plus the characters who got buffs. I’m just thinking overall - yeah we would give up a lot, but if pound for pound Super was the better game then that’s what people should play.

SF4 Sagat…he definitely ran things, but it just feels different from Yun/Yang. Sagat’s dominance was mostly straightforward, and there were a lot of matches where, without his damage output, he would have been even or at a disadvantage. The Twins just have everything going for them at this point. I don’t think they’re even close to being broken, but the case could be made that they make the game a little less fun. I would compare them to CvS1 Nakoruru at this point, though it’s still a bit early and we need to see how things end up in the long run (everyone thought Zangief was S-Tier when SF4 first came out after all).

Because this game is fine lol sure it isn’t as balanced as Super but there is more to fighting games than how good the overall character balance is.

Would Evo be even open to running Super instead of the most recent version of the game?

Not to put them on blast, but they had Mortal Kombat in the line up for this year before it was even released. Is their interest really in a community vote anymore?

But I dun WAAAANNNAAAA give back my buffed Makoto.

Don’t you mean the released Makoto? Makoto wasn’t in Super.

Yeah she was…

i thought of this as well. super is the better game imho. BUT i dont think that this would have much backing from the community … to many sirlin/killian followers, of which i agree with. also, lets be real, being super only would ‘basically’ be a ban on the twins. and i think alot of people are just fans of them and want to use them and i cant say thats bad at all.

although i do feel that yun is a problem bablance wise, and yang MIGHT be as well. only time will tell really. it may end up being “top 5” for its entire lifetime and well, maybe thats what people want. super is to defensive, whereas ae is probably close to perfect if not for twins/fei… time will have to be put in to see where it ends up.


I don’t remember seeing her, at all.

As most people have been saying, give it time to see where the game truly goes. I really don’t see the twins being that big of a problem, but my lack of experience with the game as of now may be the reason why.

From what I’ve experienced thus far, it isn’t necessarily that Yun is even that POWERFUL per se, just that everything he does is retardedly safe. He can herp and a derp around just pressing buttons hoping to score a hit somewhere because everything he does is even or + on block just about. All you’d have to do to balance Yun is slap a few negative frames on some of his stuff so people that weather the storm so to speak can punish him with consistency.