Why not make Super the tournament Standard?

Capcom fans ALWAYS stick with the last game in a given series regardless of quality. I would argue that Hyper Fighting is a more balanced game than Super Turbo, but Super Turbo is the game everyone plays. I also prefer Vampire Hunter to Vampire Savior and Second Impact to 3S and literally NOBODY plays those games anymore. Judging by how fickle Capcom fans are, I don’t think SF4 will even be a tourney game after SFxT comes out.

No Twins
No Ultras
Ryu Only
Final Destination

Two problems with your statement bro.

HDR isn’t a tourney game anymore, and that’s after Super Turbo. VSav2 isn’t as widely played, and that’s obviously after VSav 1…

Not even that just get rid of his +1 Ex lunge and lessen the advantage on both the twins dive kicks, thats all he needs really.

Okay maybe a little less damage overall but thats just pushing it.

Not unless we’re banning any characters top players use in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Oh no, that game is broke as hell compared to AE, yaddy yaddy.

Oh hey! What are we playing again?

On a serious note, majors aren’t going to adapt this rule. The twins are overrated.

you have no idea how broken 2nd impact is. LOL

Twins are not overrated. It’s just that scrub killer characters like MvC3 Sentinel will give more outrage than a character who’s ACTUALLY cheap on a intermediate level.

Basically, no one is crying about Yun because they aren’t losing to random xbox live Yun. We aren’t tiering based on xbox live though.

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t like a lot of the balance decisions in AE. The thing is, a better balanced game isn’t always a better game. Traditionally, the community has a preference for moving on to the new release to keep things fresh.

Also, the idea that we shouldn’t care what the international player base is doing is completely short-sighted. Fostering international competition is a good thing. One of the worst things about SF4 is that there hasn’t been a true international standard until AE finally dropped for consoles. Why move backwards?

Making Super the tournament standard would be the absolute worst thing the Street Fighter 4 community could possibly do. It would divide the community in half: Super and AE, and there would be constant hate between the two. Like how Melee vs Brawl ruined the overall Smash community.

That, and people would have to constantly switch between Super and AE characters if they end up playing one or another. Keep in mind that some characters, like Makoto and Dan, went through some drastic changes. And Yun, Yang, E. Ryu, and Oni players would be screwed completely.

All it would do is make things needlessly complicated. Not to mention the game would go back to being a boring turtle-fest.

Not necessarily. No one really made the switch to A3 Upper. Of course the circumstances were different. For the most part we’ve been playing tournament standard so if 3S replaced 2I in the arcades, we pretty much had to play 2I. Even if a tournament organizer wanted to do 2I events, it wouldn’t really be fair to those who only had access to 3S machines.

But as I said, we’re not playing in arcades anymore. Since we no longer have to worry about arcade standard, we can do whatever we want. If AE truly turned out to be worse than Super, for what reason other than “it’s the newest” would we have to choose it over Super?

While I agree with you, in a lot of ways I feel like AE was a great step backwards for the global community.

Since Japanese arcades are still alive, they still go by arcade standard for tournaments. Their major event, SBO, is based off arcade machines. But when Super came out, and was clearly the better game, an interesting thing started to happen. The Japanese started to actually shift to console standard! A lot of players went out and bought consoles and sticks and started playing online. Events like Godsgarden and NSB started holding console Super tournaments, with Godsgarden even holding the online tournaments. It looked like Godsgarden was going to become a bigger event than SBO. We saw more Japanese players start to come overseas and participate. With no arcade Super, the Japanese were forced to start adapting, and they were actually doing it.

And then AE came out. They could fall back to the arcade standard. While some Japanese players are still playing online and going overseas, it seems like the motivation to do so has fallen off. After all, they can just pop into an arcade and play. Why bother trying to get on board with consoles?

I feel like the west going with AE solely because that’s what Japan is playing would be a step backwards. Why can’t the west take the lead and say - Super is better, and that’s what we’re gonna play. Japan could either continue playing AE and isolate themselves, or keep moving towards the console standard and pick up Super again.

yo is this thread for real

Melee vs Brawl didn’t divide it… Meta knight the S-tier broken character that won community poll to be banned but was overrided because the backroom which composed of go figure- mostly Meta knight mains overrided it so they can continue to steal money with their framesafe b.s. character divided- ah scratch that. **DESTROYED **the community and caused many people to quit (and actually, pick up this game, marvel, or bb.)

Only people playing that fail “fighter” nowadays are- you guessed it. MK mains or pretty much nothing below super high B tier, but they won’t win the tournies.

As far as this topic goes, it’s too early to be saying anything with these twins, but as a community we should keep our eyes on them, on tourny results, see if they cause any centralization and invalidate over half the cast which is what metaknight did. You guys don’t want it to end up looking like this do you? (light blue icon that is spammed everywhere is a mk player)


and this is old. It’s even worse now because more and more people left.


if we’re having this discussion can we at least consider vanilla. i had the most fun with that version of sf4

I just want to say one thing. To anyone who makes the argument that switching back to Super screws a few of the low tier players who got slightly better looks with their characters and screws Yun, Yang, E.Ryu and Oni players: What fucking difference does it make if ONE S tier character bodies the entire cast anyway, including the characters that got buffs? Aren’t all of those players who enjoy like 35 of those characters getting screwed when adopting AE? That argument is completely invalid. See the whole Meta-Knight fiasco. Or even Soul Calibur IV pre Hilde ban. Bitch beat people by default.

Not saying Im for or against this, just saying that particular argument is completely absurd.

I’d love to go back to Super. Nothing feels right in AE. I was never a great player to begin with, but this feels like an entirely different game, not an upgrade. Evil Ryu and Oni are fun, but everything that came with them feels awful. People that I’d normally trash are doing great against me because it seems they can just throw out as many moves as they want and get away with it. There’s also a lot of those moments where two characters hit each other at the same time. My matches were so exciting before, having to rush down my opponent to grab victory by it’s throat. Now it seems like I have to block and punish constantly to pull out any sort of win. I’ve never played fighters right, I’ve always had the weirdest situations work out in my favor, in both SSF4 and MvC3. But in Arcade Edition, it just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe I’m having a bad night. I haven’t quit Arcade Edition, but so far I’m not very happy with it.

I totally agree with making super the tournament standard,the landscape of streetfighter has changed since 20, 10, or even 3 years ago.At the very least it would teach capcom that the consumer base would not tolerate an unbalanced sf game.And totally negate the stragety of making AE unbalanced just to balance it to the super standard.Remeber this game has been out for months in japan so it is not like it realy was released two days ago.


I’m fine with AE, but if we really had to go back, vanilla was the better game

Judging by your words, you Are probably horrible and the fact that you can’t random people out like you used to in super is a proof that AE is better

I honestly think most of this is going to be invalid rather soon anyway. I think there will be one more version of SFIV somewhere, and I think it will likely be closer to Super in balance (and hopefully be more exciting than that game).

Really all I have to say about this is: It’s too early.
It’s way too early to be thinking about this the games been out 2 days in the us, wait until ppl adjust and see how the tournament looks before starting this discussion. If we get to the point somewhere farther down the line where top eight is just straight up yun then I then we should consider it.