Why not tell Ono that we want a Double Combo?! (SFA3/SFIII)

Dont you think a pack with these two games will be awesome like Final Fight/Magic Sword?

With SFA3, we will have all the main tittles of SF saga with online gaming in the same console.

Because as cool as the Alpha characters are not that many people are eager to play V-Ism Infinite Alpha Fighter 3.

Maybe they can rebalance a bit the V-Ism or delete it.

I believe Alpha 3 Upper had some of those infinite issues resolved, but apparently it assed up other shit too. Don’t really know but, if one were to be released, why not Upper? No more retardation at least. Plus it has Kula Diamond.

Would be a little more difficult considering it seems like the Alpha fanbase is split pretty evenly between A2 and A3.

At first I was like, “Maybe I should correct him.”

Then I saw it was DHEvil. Oh, you.

because sf a 3 is shit compared to alpha 2

Alpha 3 is trash. I could accept Alpha 2 but not 3.

I’d rather we have one for Darkstalkers, both Darkstalkers Revenge and Vampire Savior.

EDIT: Besides, a re-release of Alpha 3 should be based off of the DC port.

im sowrie, but if u want sfa3, u’ll have to pay a full separate retail price for it. only reason magic sword was packaged with final fight is cuz it couldnt sell on its own.

I rather have New Generation/Double Impact as part of the SFIII Online Edition considering its a pain in the ass trying to get it for the Dreamcast on Ebay.

I’d really take either, particularly whichever one I could get with fixed Custom Combo abuse. Upper changes some other things than just fixing crouch cancels which actually probably make sense if you’re trying to stop V-ism dominance (ups A-ism super gain, shortens activation invincibility and changes some timing), but considering you probably liked V-ism if you kept playing A3…yeah. You get the usual “Blanka is shit without crouch cancels” kind of arguments. Doesn’t matter that of the giant majority of people who don’t play A3, the first thing they’ll say is how broken the infinites are. Reputation pretty much killed the game. (it also has some impressively shitty fireballs, like Chun’s 1 point of damage at full screen and negative on hit Kikouken)

Capcom would want to release Upper Upper/MAX anyways.

I really don’t know what it is that if A3 Upper was A4 with new palettes and some reworked GUI graphics it would probably be accepted but as long as it’s still Alpha 3 or 3rd Strike rev.B it’s original version or bust. I wonder if taking the “Super Turbo” out of HD Remix’s title would have helped.

That would be better. The same thing was done with Metal Slug XX from PSP.

There would be one great thing about an Alpha 3 MAX Online Edition. While 3rd Strike online is slightly redundant to GGPO, there’s no good way to play A3 online with Guile, Fei, T.Hawk, Dee Jay, Maki, Eagle, Yun, or Ingrid from the console versions-and I don’t think the SSFII guys have ever appeared anywhere else with their Alpha sprites even.

why not sf3/cvs2

a3 >> parry fighter turd strike.


And A3>>>A3 without testicles aka Upper

What’s wrong with having an upgraded version of a game?

Because it disregards players’ decade-long achievements and innovations to make all characters competitive; it will be a retrograde step. No crouch cancel equates to a significant number of characters having no reliable use for their V-gauge, making their choice over the other ISMs almost redundant. As it stands now, the usefulness of characters and their ISMs is allocated to a tier list. However, opting for an Upper-based system would be akin to removing some of the characters in question entirely.

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